Tips For A Mental Reset


The new year has just passed, you are working on becoming the best version of yourself, but with all of the best intentions, you are finding it mentally a struggle. You are finding excuses not to make the change happen. 


When you look back over the last years, or even the last few years, you realize that actually, you have mental baggage weighing you down. These stresses can be anything, they could be physical such as waiting for your medical malpractice lawyer to close your case, mental health strain, or even stresses for the everyday. 


Whatever the reason, now is the time to press that mental reset button and allow you to ground yourself once more. Here is how:


Regular Light Exercise


When you are feeling a little bogged down with all of the pressures of life, the best thing you can do, is to remove yourself from that surrounding and engage in some light (or heavy, if that is your preference) exercise. 


Getting your body moving is proven to improve your mental mindset. Even more, if you can get yourself outside to do this, such as taking a walk, going for a run, or a bike ride, even better. Getting moving releases positive endorphins in your mind which can help your mood, being in nature also has the same effect.


Allowing yourself to dedicate time each week for this will allow you the opportunity to clear your head, look after your mind and body, which will allow you to shift your mindset and get in the right headspace for whatever needs your attention.  


Find A Social Balance


Socializing too much can in itself become stressful but hiding away and keeping in the confines of your home can do the same thing. The less interaction you have with friends and loved ones the more lonely you can find yourself feeling. When you feel lonely you are unlikely to share the burdens that are currently occupying your mind. You will find that speaking about what is weighing on your mind will lighten your load and lift your spirits. 


It is about balance. If you find yourself eager to go and catch up with friends, just make sure that you are still allowing and permitting yourself enough time to take care of yourself. If you, on the other hand, are nervous, setting manageable goals. Meet friends individually, select places or activities you like, or start off smaller with a phone call and build from there. 


Social Interaction While Social Distancing


During this time of the Covid pandemic, many of us are choosing to stay home and not socialize in large gatherings to protect our health and the health of others.  If you are feeling alone and want to socialize without the risk there are some great options online to find friends, build community, and just have fun. You can join an online book group, start a podcast, attend zoom classes, or even create a TikTok account and enjoy times with friends singing and dancing without actually having to go to a club or bar.

The main thing is that you are taking that step and doing what you can to allow your mind to be reset and for you to regain control and allow yourself to make the changes that you want. Whenever you find yourself lost in the mental fog, just remember to be kind to yourself and not apply too much pressure. As you start making these small changes the fog will start to clear and you will be able to continue on your journey without the mental load you have been carrying holding you back. 

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