Time To Update Your Home Now the Kids are Gone

You never think of your kids flying the nest but time goes so fast that before you know it, they have their own lives to lead and their own dreams to fulfill. Often enough, you’ll be left with a big house, wondering what to do with it. Here are a few things you can do to your home once the kids have packed their bags and moved into their own place!


Keep One Guest Room

Ok so they may have left, but that doesn’t mean at all that they won’t come back every now again, either to give you laundry to wash or to spend the weekend being waited on hand and foot. Therefore, if you had a number of bedrooms, it’s always best to keep one as a guest room. But that doesn’t mean you ignore re-decorating the room. You don’t want guests staying in what was once a teenager’s room, so gut it out and get decorating a new space. Keep it neutral and adding in a guest book will add a little element of luxury.

Renovate The Kitchen Or Bathroom

These areas of the home see a lot of action, so over time, it all wears down and may benefit from a bit of renovation. With treasured spaces inc home remodeler, you can re-design the kitchen or bathroom to suit your needs and even update it with some smart new mod cons. You may also want to think about making the room a little more accessible for when you get older, and you might find a deep bath hard to get in and out of.


Create A Space You’ve Always Wanted

If you’ve got the benefit of a few extra rooms in your home, with no kids around, you can create a space that you may have always wanted but never got. How about a cinema room with plush sofas and a space for having the whole family round to watch a movie? Or maybe you want to get your fitness levels back in shape but don’t like the idea of going to a gym. You could instead, buy a few machines and have a home gym! Whatever your dream space, you’ve now got every excuse to make it.


Downsize To A Smaller Property

Your home might have catered for many, but now there’s either you and your partner or just you. So what’s the point in holding on to a home that’s too big for what you need? The kids flying the nest is a good opportunity for many to downsize their property to something smaller. That way, there’s less space to clean and manage, it’ll be cheaper, and that also means you’ll have the funds to enjoy your later life.


When your kids leave home, it can be quite an upsetting point in your life. However, it’s important to regain some of your old life and focus on re-creating a home that you can continue to make memories in with and without your children. Try some of these tips if you find that period of your life is edging closer.

3 thoughts on “Time To Update Your Home Now the Kids are Gone”

  1. I remember when my mom had to downsize, we tried to keep the house for her for a while, but it got too hard financially. She was able to live with my sister, so that worked out pretty good. The house seemed so dark and cavernous when she was there alone, way too much, even though it was hard to give up the family homestead.

  2. Linda Manns Linneman

    These are some great suggestions. Downsizing is great. Less to clean and you save on utilities. Thank you for sharing this great article

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