Things to Have in Your Bag to Prepare You For Every Situation


Maybe it’s after becoming a mother that carrying around a bag becomes a necessity. There are always a hundred and one things your kids need and plenty of other things you need to keep you going.


Even when your kids grow up into adults – still, carrying around a bag is essential for any day out. Your bag becomes like another limb; when was the last time you left home without it?


Whether you are a well-seasoned bag wearer or new to the game, there are a few things you should always keep in your bag to prepare you for any situation.  


What are these things? Well, read on to find out.




Especially as we move into the summer months, having sunscreen in your bag is a must. Unfortunately, most people don’t reapply their sunscreen as much as they should, leading to health risks and the general annoyance of sunburn.


If you are going out with a group, there will always be someone who forgot to bring sunscreen; now, you can pull a bottle out of your bag and help them out!


Mini first-aid kit


You’d need a very big bag for a full first-aid kit, so simply bringing the essentials with you is all you need. In terms of essentials, we are talking band-aids, painkillers, and maybe a handkerchief or a pack of tissues. This way, if someone falls over and scrapes their knees (particularly small grandkids, if you have any), you have a plaster for them and some tissues to wipe away the tears. Painkillers will always come in useful in case you or anyone else develops a headache.


Hand sanitizer


This is a new one that has cropped up due to recent worldwide events, namely the covid-19 pandemic. Now, leaving home without a bottle of Zylast antiseptic lotion seems crazy. Hand sanitizer is great for yourself whenever you might need to use a public restroom or go into a store without hand sanitizer. It’s also handy to have on you for anyone else who might need some. Hand sanitizer bottles are easily shareable and often come in travel sizes to fit nicely into your bag without taking up too much room.




If you don’t have at least one snack in your bag, what are you doing? This doesn’t necessarily have to be full-on sugary sweets if you are looking after your health, but mints or chewing gum can be a healthier alternative.


These are great for your bag because you never know when you’ll be trapped in a situation where you are a bit hungry but cannot access anything to eat. Plus, a mint or gum can be great to freshen up your breath when meeting someone new.


Anything can go in a bag.


These are just a few ideas to get you started, but your bag’s contents should be personalized to you and your lifestyle. After a few trips, you’ll work out what you need and what you don’t.


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