Things to Check on your Car before Taking a Road Trip


A road trip is one of the several ways by which we all have an excellent time during vacation, as we explore our environment or certain beautiful places that we desire to see. Also, when you have a business trip, and you’re not traveling by air, then a road trip becomes indispensable. It is worthy of mention that whether for pleasure or business, there are certain things to check on the car before a long journey. Planning for your road trip, you might also want to get a GPS tracker for car, in case you miss your route.

The last thing you’d want during your road trip is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, looking for a technician to repair your vehicle. Frustrating right? The good news is you don’t have to suffer such a headache because; we’re here to guide you into knowing what to check on your car before a road trip. 

Thus, you will be doing yourself so much good by taking some time to run a car check before hitting the pavement. Don’t know how to go about it? No problem; this article got you. 



Check and/or change Car Oil

It is just expected that you check your car oil regularly to see whether the oil is at the bottom notch or top-notch. If it’s lower beyond the low limit, you should gulp some new fuel into your vehicle. Also, regular change of your vehicle oil is significant, as it precludes avoidable challenges that might mar your road trip. Thus, if you are one of those people that do not regularly check or change their oil, you shouldn’t commit the same error while going for a road trip. 

Ensure the air filter is in excellent condition

Unfortunately, many motorists don’t see it essential to check this part of their motor before they set out on a long trip. The fact is, you don’t get to replace your vehicle air filter always like some other parts of your vehicle. However, it is still wise to do a clean air car check to know whether or not the air filter is clogged. You don’t want to be inhaling dirty air during your road trip.



Make necessary repair as tipped by the dashboard

You don’t want to take chances with the roadworthiness of your vehicle as well as the safety of your life. If the engine light gives specific warnings on the dashboard, you’ll need to resolve whatever problem it is before taking off on your long trip. Put differently; you should check engine light; when it flashes, and your car shakes, that’s not a good time to hit the pavement.



Proper Adjustment of the Seat

It is essential to always position car seats for your convenience. If you have a vehicle memory button feature, then you’ll get this done the more comfortable way – automatically. However, if your car doesn’t have a memory button, then you have to make the adjustment manually. Furthermore, if you are traveling with your child, we advise that you do a child car seat safety check, as you need to ensure that the child seat is tightly secured.


Removal of Corrosion on your Battery

It is a settled fact that the battery is one of the unique parts of a vehicle in which it is not easy to quickly detect a fault. But while you might not be able to identify a failure in your battery, you can apply some preventive measures on the battery terminal. You can do this by simply washing off corrosions on the battery terminal. According to the Chicago Tribune, it is advisable to check your tire and fluids but never forget the battery. More so, to ensure that your vehicle battery is strong enough to connect to the car’s electrical system, you’ll have to check your car battery with multimeter.



General Inspection of your Vehicle

A road trip is long enough to give you pleasure or headache, depending on the degree of care you afford your car beforehand. You must be sure that everything is in their best condition before you zoom off. For instance, due diligence must be had to vehicle tire, because it is the only part of the vehicle that connects you to the pavement. Thus, if your tire is bald, it can cause a blowout in motion. You don’t want that to happen at all. Finally, carrying out a general inspection by a reputable service provider like SmogMart in Sacramento that includes a car computer check will enable you to find and fix any problems before your trip.



We want to believe you have learned the needed tips on what to look out for in your car before you take it on a road trip. If you have experience taking your car on road trips, drop your comments here.



Author’s bio: Kay Burton is a certified mechanical engineer, who has worked for so many years in his field developed an interest in writing and teaching about vehicles’ engine. He lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia, and writes reviews on garden repair and home gadgets like the best GPS tracker for car. He loves traveling, reading, and writing, among others. 

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  1. Sandy Klocinski

    It’s bad enough when you have car trouble in your local neighborhood. However, nothing could put a damper on those travel plans like having your car break down hundreds of miles from home. Vacations are supposed to be a time for fun!

  2. Great tips…on another note and a bit OT. This route 66 is on our bucket list. Long way from Florida. Hope one day is al goes well.

  3. This is great advice/ I am about to take a trip and have an appointment to bring my car in for a checkup and tune up.

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