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The Wonderful World Of The Tortoiseshell Cat

You may think of yourself as a feline expert. Tabby whites, Persian Blues and Siamese breeds all have their own personalities, characteristics, and foibles. They are premium breeds, aesthetically pleasing to admire from afar and pretty expensive to get hold of. While they all have their appeal, there is one breed of cat that remains the most special of all: the tortoiseshell. This incredible breed of cat will have you eating out of the palm of their hand or should that be the pad of their paw. No other breed has the same look, style, grace, and attitude. They can be dark furred with wonderful hues of amber and brown, or they may be tricolor with more white patches and a unique mix of tones.


If you are tempted to welcome a new pet into your home, don’t simply assume that all felines are the same. Welcome to the wonderful world of the tortoiseshell.

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From the moment your new four-legged pal enters into your humble abode, you may notice an air of arrogance surrounding your cat. The tortoiseshell breed is well known for its tortitude. This is a temperament specific to the breed. They relish being given a level of autonomy, can appear aloof at times and seemingly want to do nothing more than enjoy their own company. However, look beneath the frosty surface, and you have the most affectionate cat in the world. Tortoiseshell cats love nothing more than sitting with their owners, receiving the longest of chin rubs and purring away for hours on end. Drooling with excitement, they may even roll onto their belly and encourage you to give it a rub.


The fickle nature of the breed means that, although you might be enjoying the pet/owner quality time, when they have had enough, they will simply walk away without even a nod of thanks. This is the joy of the breed.




To create a safe home for a pet, you need to make sure that you have a humble abode full of glorious cat towers, toys, scratching posts and treats. At the same time, it’s vital that you keep food safely stored in your kitchen cupboards. The enquiring mind of a tortoiseshell will mean that he or she will often find themselves on a worktop chowing down on some milk or cheese. The lactose within these delicious morsels will only give your little kitty an upset stomach and leave them feeling poorly. Although they may appear to have a hard exterior, tortoiseshells need looking after and protecting.




While it can be a tad annoying at times, it is the sophisticated mischief that a tortoiseshell gets up to that makes them such a joyful breed. It is guaranteed that if you have the pleasure of owning a tortoiseshell that your feline pal will begin meowing and scratching on the bathroom door the very moment you begin to wash your hair. It’s as if they have a sixth sense for knowing when they can frustrate you the most and take great pleasure in doing so. Nevertheless, you will end up loving your cat because the moment you step out of the shower to see what all of the noise is about, they will be sprawled out on your bed waiting for that all-important stroking session.


You might be working from home one day, or trying to, to find your kitty lounging across your laptop keyboard, headbutting your arms, kneading your lap and nuzzling your face all in an effort to get your attention. They don’t want you to look at a newspaper, a book or a smartphone; they want your undivided attention. In fact, they demand it. The feisty nature of a tortoiseshell will keep you on your toes and make your life more fun, eventful and varied.

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A bold breed, the tortoiseshell is more than a pet – he or she will be your most loyal friend, a trusted companion, a family member, and a special confidante. They will be more dog-like in their loyalty, be eager to please you and enjoy spending all of their time with you. They may head out for a wander in the back garden every now and then, but provide them with a comfortable dwelling in which to eat, sleep and play, and you will have a wonderful pet who loves nothing more than to be by your side or on your lap!


Forget the fancy Peterbald and the Bengal breed, consider sharing your home with the most awesome of breeds: the incredible tortoiseshell.

What is your favorite cat breed?


12 thoughts on “The Wonderful World Of The Tortoiseshell Cat”

  1. I have had many cats in my life, but I have never had a tortoiseshell cat. My best cats have been a birman & snowshoe cat! Cats are great, and I’ve been blessed to have them throughout my life.

  2. I’ve had striped cats, a gray and white cat, a black cat, a black and white cat, a tortoiseshell, and a red cat, and I’ve loved them all, but hands down my favorite was the red cat.

  3. I have never heard of this breed of cat. They sound like a wonderful pet! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. I have a tortie, her name is Miss Purr. She purrs a lot and very loudly. This describes her so well! She is three and is constantly into something but is also very cuddly.

  5. I adore all of my cats, past, and present. Sometimes more than they love me. Or at least that how they act. It is always a pleasure when they sleep with me or just hang out. They are good company.

  6. Torties and calicos (in England, they’re all called torties, I think) are nearly always female. That might be changing, the way they’re playing with cat genetics these days, but that’s what I’ve heard.

    We’ve had two torties and two calicos. The calicos were kind of standoffish and would move and give you a bad look if you tried petting them, but the torties were especially friendly, but probably would have preferred being only cats. Cats are wonderful, period…

  7. I’ve never had a tortoiseshell cat. They are a really pretty breed, though. And, they sound like they have personality, too.

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