The Pros and Cons of Using Hair Extensions

You can find various types of hair extensions available in the market, but you should choose the right one for you. Among them are Real human hair, Pre-bonded fusion extensions, Clip-in hair extensions, and Wigs. Are hair extensions bad for your hair? Let’s understand their pros and cons. Choosing the best option for you can make you look good. After all, your hair should be the center of attraction and not just a part of your wardrobe.

Real Human Hair

As with any beauty product, there are both pros and cons to natural human hair extensions. While synthetic hair is more affordable and can be used for various styling purposes, real hair can be harder to style and heavier than synthetic hair. Some ethical concerns are associated with using human hair for high-end products, such as hair extensions and wigs. Among them are reports of impoverished women being pressured into selling their hair for pennies on the dollar and sacrificing their hair for religious ceremonies.

Cost is one of the most significant differences between synthetic and real hair extensions. The cost of real human hair varies from product to product depending on the origin, length, color, and quality of the hair. A full head of hair can cost over $400 US dollars, while a single synthetic hair extension can cost from 50 to 85 dollars. This makes real hair extensions more expensive, but they’re also better-looking than synthetic ones.

Pre-Bonded Fusion Extensions

The pros of pre-bonded fusion hair extensions include their natural-looking appearance and low maintenance costs. The downsides of this hair extension method include the risk of damaging your hair if you do it yourself. However, you can always take the services of a hairstylist if you have no experience or expertise. Moreover, you can even opt for colored extensions to make your locks look beautiful. 

As a semi-permanent hair extension, pre-bonded fusion hair extensions are not removable like clip-ins. Once attached, they will stay on your head for months. However, this does not mean you should not swim. Although this hair extension method does not require special care, swimming with bonded extensions can damage them, and if you want to use them, make sure you wear a swim cap. Moreover, never wash your bonded hair for too long – this can weaken the bonds and cause the extensions to fall off.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

The pros of clip-in hair extensions are that they can be easily removed and are great for special occasions. The only downside is that they must be removed every night, so they must be taken out before you go to bed or swim. You may consider another option, such as glue or sew-in hair extensions. Also, they can cause irritation and pull at your natural hair, so be sure to remove them before you sleep or go swimming.

Some people prefer clip-in hair extensions because they are easy to apply. There’s no need to commit to spending a lot of time in the salon or having someone else apply them for you. The clips can be used by anyone and take just 2 minutes. Unlike glue or heated products, clip-in hair extensions require no outside assistance to apply and are also easier to remove afterward. In addition, those who prefer to experiment with their hair color can do so with clip-in extensions because they do not come into contact with the scalp.


There are a lot of pros and cons to using wig hair extensions. These products are attached to individual strands of your hair to add length and volume. However, if the process isn’t done correctly, you might end up with tangled hair or an unnatural look. You should also know certain things about applying for hair extensions before you buy them.

If you are going for a natural look, you should opt for a human hair extension. While you will pay a bit more for a packet of human hair than you would for synthetic hair extensions, you can avoid the risk of damage to your hair. Also, you can choose the type of bond used on your wings, as different hair types will require different bond types. Moreover, human hair extensions aren’t reusable, and you may feel uncomfortable for a few days afterward.

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