The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Pool

A home with a swimming pool is a dream come true for many people. The options for relaxation, play, and keeping fit and healthy are part of the appeal, whereas others feel the risks and upkeep are not worth it. Swimming pools are a necessity for some, and a luxury to others. If you’re thinking about building a pool or buying a home that already has one, consider the pros and cons. 



Unless you have an indoor pool, swimming pools can usually only e enjoyed a few months of the year, depending on what kind of climate you live in.



Swimming pools are a great way for people of all ages to get exercise. Swimming is a no-impact exercise, which makes it gentle on the joints. Children and adults can enjoy playing and relaxing in the pool. A late-night solo swim or a pool party in the summer is always fun when you have your own pool. 



Swimming pools can be dangerous if you have children who don’t know how to swim. If you choose to have a pool, make sure it has proper safety fencing and fit locks they can’t open on the doors out to the pool area. Remember that you may be held responsible if a friend is injured in your pool. 



Swimming pools are not cheap, but quality Dolphin Fiberglass Pools can be an investment. It can be cheaper to buy a home that already has a pool than to have one installed later. 



Having a swimming pool installed is more affordable at the moment than it has been in recent years. The other benefit is that the cost could also be made back if you sell your home later on. A home buyer might be more attracted to your property than one that doesn’t have a pool.



When you sell your home, you might not make back the amount you spent on it. This means if your pool costs you $50,000, you can’t just add an extra $50,000 to the asking price when you sell your home. Keep in mind that all home upgrades and renovations equate to what the current market demands are in your area. A real estate agent can tell you how much a pool could increase your home’s value at the time of sale. 



A swimming pool needs upkeep, which takes time, money, and knowledge. 



If you are buying a home with a pool and don’t know how to maintain it, research before you commit. There are lots of pool companies who will maintain your pool for you if you don’t want the responsibility. 



An unmaintained pool can be dangerous. Without proper chemicals, swimmers could get ill from algae or other bacteria forming in the pool. A dirty pool is an eyesore in your garden too. Make sure you know to properly maintain your pool to keep it looking good and keep it safe to swim in. 

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