The Mysterious Disappearance of All the Cats

It seems my Little Edie is not the only cat missing.  I know of at least 10 other people who’s cats have gone missing over the weekend, including my neighbor’s beautiful fluffy tuxedo cat.  I am not sure if all these missing cats are due to the snow storm or what. It seems really strange that so many cats have gone missing.  There is a mystery here to be solved  if only Rita Mae Brown would show up with that mystery solving cat we might get to the bottom of this. Until then we are all looking out for each other’s cats and sharing posts on the missing pets Facebook.

Update Edie has returned safe.

3 thoughts on “The Mysterious Disappearance of All the Cats”

  1. Just subscribed to your site, happy to hear your little Edie has safely returned!!! I hope the best for the others as well!!

  2. Well that is scary! Glad Edie returned safely. I am a firm believer, for safety, that our fur babies should be indoor cats. If they need to be outdoors they have great cat enclosures you can get.

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