The Many Benefits Of Our Feline Friends

Cats are underrated, we want to start by saying that. You’ll find that there are three types of animal people in this world. The people who like cats, the people who like dogs, and the people who aren’t really bothered either way. Or worse, you have the people who just don’t like animals at all! But for the most part, you will bump into people who absolutely love dogs, and aren’t too crazy about cats. Or what’s worse in our eyes, they don’t even like cats! We think that our furry rival, the dog, definitely does rule the pet world. But we think it’s about time that cats got the recognition that they need. There are so many qualities and benefits of cats, but so many people just don’t seem to recognize that. Which is why this wonderful article has been created. We want to explore the many great benefits that cats can bring to our lives, and some of the qualities they have that we think might be being overlooked. Carry on reading, and if you don’t have your own little feline friend already, you’ll definitely want one after this!

They’re So Clean… If You Help


Cats most definitely aren’t as messy as dogs. Dogs are generally big and have a lot more fur compared to our feline companions. If you have an indoor cat as well, they’re definitely a lot cleaner than if you have an outdoor one! The only mess an indoor cat can create is with the things they can find in your home, so make sure you don’t leave a bag of flour lying around. A few little scratches on the bag and you could have a white kitchen before you know it. They lick themselves clean, so it’s not like you’ll ever need to give them a bath unless of course, they manage to get themselves mucky around your home! They take themselves to the toilet in the litter tray, and they even like to cover up their mess. They’re very house proud we think, and they like their privacy and concealment when using the litter tray. Of course, one thing we will say is that a tray should be cleaned daily. As cute as cats are at trying to hide their business, they can’t hide the smell. As long as you help by cleaning it out daily and pouring in some more litter, you’ll never really smell anything to do with a cat. Dogs, on the other hand, can be big smelly nightmares!

They’re Easily Pleased


Ok, so for all of you that don’t have a cat, or if you know someone who doesn’t like cats, it might be said that they’re hard to please. Some people think that you just can’t tell what a cat is going to do next, and if it’s sitting on your lap for some fuss, it’s instantly going to get those claws out for you. Well, although they do have a tendency to get them out at the wrong time, a cat will never be nasty towards its owner. Like with a dog, they’re loyal to those that feed them, and it’s so easy to build such a strong bond with a cat. All you have to do is make sure you feed them at the times that they want to be fed, and that you’re kind to them in every way possible. Once a bond is built, you’ll generally find that they follow you everywhere, either in search of food or a tickle! Pop a few toys around your home that they can interact with, and you’ve got yourself a friend for life. They will, however, pick up on negative or hostile behavior. If you bring people around them that don’t like cats, and perhaps are shooing them away all of the time, then yes, you might notice a nasty side to them. Well… we say nasty, it’s more negative. They’re only reacting to the behavior that they’re seeing, they’re just so good at reading situations and knowing how to act in them. Sometimes they can even be highly possessive over you. If you were single, to begin with, and then get a partner, you might notice they become a little hostile simply because you’re giving them some attention. But once they warm to newcomers, your feline friend will be just as nice to your guests, as they are to you!


They Have Such Amazing Personalities


Every cat seems to have their own unique personality. We find that no two cats are the same, because it depends on the nature of the home they’re in, the characteristics they’ve been born with, and how you raise them. Whether you have a heavy breathing cat, a rambunctious cat, a vocal cat, or any other type of cat every personality that you’ll find in a cat is going to be amazing. They’re just so funny and inquisitive, you can’t help but laugh when you own your own cat. To the outsiders that don’t have a cat, or don’t like a cat, it might be hard to notice all of the traits that they have. They might be reserved and all about the life of fuss, or you might find that they’re absolutely crazy and love nothing more than to play as much of the day that they can! Plus, it’s really easy to train a cat with the habits they might have. Some of their personalities will lead them to try and explore and destroy everything within the home, especially at this time of year. If you have a cat and Christmas tree in the same room, they’re instantly attracted to everything about it and will do anything to bring that tree down. The same goes for anything else in your home, like table legs, chair legs, etc. But there are companies who sell sprays that cats just hate, and it’ll encourage them out of their bad behavior!

They Live For So Many Years


Now we have to say that this is one of the biggest positives in our eyes. They live for years and years, and the enjoyment you get out of those years is just incredible. A lot of cats live 15 years or more, but you will have to make sure you’re caring for them properly in their later years. Websites such as Senior Cat Wellness will give you plenty of tips on how you can care for a cat that is aging, and how to ensure you’re giving them the best quality of life that you possibly can. Their lives might be slowing down, but their love and affection for you most definitely won’t. You’ll often find they become so much more cuddly and happy in their older years as well!

They Can Be Great For Your Mental Health


This is one of the things that we like the most about cats. They literally always will be there in your time of need, and we think they have a great ability to know when you might be feeling down or depressed, especially if you’re going through mental health problems. They will listen to you rant and curl up on your lap as a way of comforting you during your low points. They can be a friend that just won’t judge and a way of making you smile when you come home from having a particularly bad day. It can also be really therapeutic to sit with your feet up in front of the TV, with your cat warming your lap, and giving it a few pets whilst you relax the night away. They’re so calming and gentle, much better than a crazy dog would be!

Do you have a cat? What do you find most beneficial?

5 thoughts on “The Many Benefits Of Our Feline Friends”

  1. I’m starting to like small dogs a little bit. But I’m a cat person, for sure. Everything you’ve written here, I found to be true with mine when I had one. ❤️

  2. I do agree about cats being individual. We’ve had a string of them, and no two were alike. One couldn’t get enough of people. The current one, Fast Eddie, leaves at the first hint of a stranger. But they’ve all been wonderful in their own ways.

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