The Magical Art of Finding Innovative Storage Solutions to Utilize: 4 Solutions Worth Trying

A neat, tidy home is every homeowner’s ideal goal. Yet finding adequate storage spaces when you live in a spatially challenged home can be challenging. However, just because your home is a little on the smaller side doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a clutter-filled house, so instead of living with it, discover innovative storage solutions that can help you do something about it.


You’ll often find that you have the storage space but haven’t found it yet. Whether it’s behind the back of a door, using stowaway furnishings, or hanging things up – sometimes innovative storage solutions are ‘hidden’ away. To help you discover the magic of these spaces, we’ve created this article outlining several storage solutions worth trying below:


Use Vertical Space


Although smaller homes might grant you little floor space, they make up for what they need in vertical space. So, if you’re running out of available wide space, going high is a technique worth trying to find innovative storage solutions. One great solution is Overhead Garage Storage Racks that can provide much-needed storage space in a garage or even in a shed or workshop.


Whether you choose to invest in floor-to-ceiling cupboard space/shelving in your kitchen/living room or you purchase various labeled storage bins/baskets that you can stack up – there are multiple ways that you can make the most of your vertical space and store books, keepsakes, board games, photos, and anything items that aren’t pretty enough to be stored in clear view. Plus, don’t worry if you end up with more boxes than you can stack; consider using long or short-term self-storage solutions from providers like Safestore, which offer a range of London storage options. Consider visiting their website or contacting them directly for more information today.


Choose Dual-Purpose Furniture


Another storage solution worth trying is dual-purpose furniture which is perfect if you have seasonal items you don’t want to display any longer, stuff you’ve outgrown but don’t have the heart to throw away. Examples of dual-purpose furniture include beds with built-in storage at the bottom of the frame, upholstered benches with drawers, or hidden-compartment coffee tables.


Whichever option you choose, dual-purpose furnishings are an innovative way to store items you would much rather conceal than display in the open, like board games, television remotes, shoes, clothes, children’s toys, and personal items. It creates space without taking up extra floor space and gives you peace of mind and a little extra room to move around!


Invest In Bespoke Storage Systems


If you’re willing to spend a little more money on the cause, another innovative storage solution you should consider is trying bespoke storage systems. If you’ve ever watched the Sex and The City movie and had closet envy over Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe, investing in bespoke storage systems is the best way to achieve anything similar.


Since they can be tailored to suit your demands, bespoke furniture can create up to three times more storage space in your house and provide custom-made storage options like drawer inserts, trouser racks, shoe racks, and much more. And since they can be tailored to fit any space – no matter how tricky – it can be easier to make the most out of unused space.


Hang Everything Up


One of the best things to remember when discovering innovative storage solutions for tiny rooms/houses is to ensure that everything has a home. However, this isn’t always doable in smaller or multi-purpose areas, so sometimes it is easier to hang things up using hooks and wicker baskets as a drop-zone for items left without a home, like books, and toiletries, or investing in shelving solutions.


For instance, if you’d like to create more storage space in your kitchen, you can use a length of peg rail or a wall-mounted utensil rail to clear your kitchen countertops of clutter, install wall-mounted hooks for hanging aprons or tea towels, use hanging wire baskets as utensil drop-zones, and much more. These can also be utilized in other rooms of your house where floor space might be limited, like your bathroom – so long as they’re adapted to suit the room.

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