The Love For Princess Cut Engagement Rings

From Round and Marquise to Pear and Asscher, there are so many diamond cuts to choose from when purchasing an engagement ring for your partner. However, there is little denying that Princess cut diamond rings are one of the most popular options. In fact, it is the second-most popular diamond engagement ring for women all over the globe, behind the Round Brilliant cut. 


People all over the world have clearly fallen in love with this beautiful diamond cut, which reputable companies like Jacob Mercari can provide, and below we are going to take a look at the different reasons why.


Fire and brilliance 


One of the reasons why so many people love Princess cut engagement rings is due to the fact they get to experience a degree of fire and sheer brilliance that rivals the Round Brilliant shape of a diamond, yet in a more modern shape. Some people prefer the sharp, modern appearance of a Princess diamond, and not everyone is fond of the round stones.




Princess cut diamond engagement rings are also more affordable than Round Brilliant cut diamonds. The reason they have a lower price-per-carat is that there is a greater yield during the diamond cutting process, as less waste is created. The princess cut boasts a four-sided pyramid shape, which is very similar to a half of the octahedron rough stone. This means that a Princess Cut can be taken from each side of the stone, allowing for little waste.


Abundance of styles


You will be spoilt for choice when choosing a Princess cut engagement ring. Due to the popularity of this diamond, and the flexibility of it, there are so many different rings to choose from. This includes three-stone Princess cut engagement rings, Princess cut halo engagement rings, and Princess cut solitaire engagement rings. There are also vintage style Princess cut engagement rings, or you could opt for a bespoke service to create the perfect ring.




The versatility of this type of diamond engagement ring is something worth elaborating on further. Not only do you have a huge assortment of ring styles available, but also Princess cut diamond engagement rings can be teamed with other rings with ease. Some diamond shapes and engagement ring styles make it very difficult to find the perfect accompanying wedding ring, but you should have no trouble when you go down this route.




Last but not least, Princess cut diamond rings are flattering, especially for women with long fingers. This is due to the sharply squared corners. You will never tire of looking at this beautiful diamond ring on your finger!


When you carefully consider all of the benefits that a Princess cut engagement ring offers, it is easy to see why so many women have fallen in love with this style of ring. If you are unsure what shape of a diamond to go for, you cannot go too wrong with a Princess engagement ring. This is a versatile style that most females appreciate. 



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