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The Key to Feeling Beautiful


If you are struggling to feel beautiful lately, then we know how you feel. It can be hard to keep yourself feeling beautiful when you actually just want to lay in bed for a few days. But, there are some things that you can do to help prevent this feeling, and we are going to share these with you. Nobody should have to feel as though they aren’t fabulous, and after reading this article, we hope that you never feel that way again.

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Get Enough Sleep


The very first thing we need to look at is how much you’re sleeping. It is recommended that you get at least seven to eight hours per night for your body to be able to do everything that it needs to. If you aren’t giving your body this time, you will find that your skin is looking a little dull, you are feeling under the weather, and you generally just don’t want to do anything. So, to combat this, you need to be aiming to get in bed every night around eight hours before you are anticipating getting up. If you do this, you will notice an improvement quite quickly.


If you have issues sleeping, it might have something to do with all the technology that you have in your room. The best thing that you can do is leave all your electronics outside the bedroom when you are sleeping. This includes your phone, laptop, tablet, and anything else like this. These are only likely to hinder your sleep, not aid it in any way. You will notice a marked improvement on how you feel even after your first better night of rest.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated


Water is essential to our bodies, and you need to be keeping yourself hydrated. Your skin will react if you are not getting enough fluids, and you will find yourself feeling tired more easily. You should be aiming to drink a liter of water per day to replace the moisture that you lose through sweating and other bodily functions. You can buy special water bottles with encouraging words on them to remind you how much you need to be drinking. This might be helpful to those of you who struggle to remember to have a drink through the day.

It is not just your insides that need these fluids, your skin does too. If you are finding that your skin is a little dull or dry, you might want to look at AVON’s Ultimate Guide – Hyaluronic Acid. This will tell you everything you need to know about using this product, and how it will help your skin to retain moisture which will benefit you greatly. People who have good skin are more likely to feel good about themselves so you might want to give this a try.

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Eat Those Veggies


Eating healthy is another part of helping yourself feel beautiful. It might feel good while you are eating junk food, but the longer you do this for, the worse you are going to feel. Your body needs the vitamins and nutrients from these fruits and vegetables to keep everything running as it should. Without them, you will feel tired, and bloated. If you are feeling like this, you are likely going to be looking like this, and nobody wants that. So, adding a vegetable to your meal is a great start, and if you can incorporate them into every meal you eat, this is going to be even better.

We are not suggesting here that you only eat vegetables from now on. Life is all about balance, one chocolate bar every now and then is not going to harm you, and it is not going to make you feel like you look awful. So make sure that you are eating a sufficient amount of vegetables, but don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while.

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Use Natural Makeup


Finally, the last thing that you can do is to use natural makeup instead of that which is full of chemicals. You feel like you need to wear makeup, but you don’t like the chemicals that you are putting on your face. However, you can’t stop because you don’t feel right without it. This is where you will find natural makeup a big help, as it will give you all the benefits of your regular stuff, without the harmful substances.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and will use these tips to keep yourself feeling beautiful. We want you to feel beautiful all the time, not just some of the time and we know that by using these ideas, you will.


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  1. Cindi Knowles says:

    These are all great ideas, thank you for sharing.

  2. Dana Rodriguez says:

    These are great tips. Keeping yourself hydrated inside and out is really important.

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