The Importance of Speaking About Your Mental Health, When You Are Struggling to Cope


Your mental health is really important to your general well-being, so understanding how it works and why you should look after it is very important. Luckily now though, as a topic of conversation in 2021, it is far easier to acknowledge and speak about your mental wellbeing and how you feel thoroughly depressed. 

With at least 1 in 5 adults in the US suffering from depression at some point in their life, means that at least 20.6% of people have experienced this in their lifetime. 


Acknowledge That You Are Struggling 

This can sometimes be the most difficult step, actually acknowledging and realizing that you are not feeling yourself and perhaps need to look at either natural remedies or prescribed medication to lift your mood. Once you identify that you are struggling, it then becomes a lot easier to find the ideal solution to make you feel like yourself again. 


Biological Changes Outside of Your Control Can Lead to Depressive Episodes 

Women, in particular, can be more susceptible to certain types of depression in their lifetime which can be brought on by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, postpartum, and going through menopause. So in certain instances, there are events that are simply out of your control which can then lead to a dip in low mood as a result of your hormonal changes. 


Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About Your Depression

Despite it being a lot easier to bring up this topic nowadays, it can feel embarrassing to some people to be able to admit that they are not feeling their usual self and are struggling to cope. In a way, the pandemic has exacerbated this issue but at the same time highlighted the need for us to look out for other individuals and identify when they are not feeling like themselves. 

You should not feel afraid to speak up to someone, whether it is a loved one, friend, colleague, or medical professional. The first important step is admitting that you are struggling with your mental health and want to undertake steps to improve your mood


Look For Other Individuals That Have Experienced The Same Journey as You 

If instead, you are suffering from problems of addiction, which can then really affect your mood, it can be helpful to look for role models of people that have experienced the same problems as yourself, for example, such as Michael Smeth in this instance. 


Finding and reading about someone else’s journey which you are also experiencing can help you feel less alone and isolated in the world, as you can connect with other people that have experienced the same things as you have. This is particularly important if you feel that no one in your circle of friends or family truly understands what you are going through, and the difficulties you face on a daily basis. 

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