The Breeds to Consider if You Want a Small Dog

If you’re looking to adopt or buy a new dog and you’re particularly focused on getting a smaller dog for whatever reason, it’s important to consider the breeds that might suit you best. As you might expect, there’s no shortage of options to consider and take into account. We’re going to talk about some of the most popular small dog breeds below and mention what you can expect from them in terms of personality. So read on now to find out more.




We all know the popularity of dachshund dog breeds, and it’s hard not to find them incredibly cute. That’s why they’ve been so popular for so long now. In terms of their personality, you can expect your dachshund to be confident, courageous, and rarely willing to back down. And in terms of the amount of exercise they need, they don’t need too much because they’re not built for running and playing endlessly.




Another classic small dog breed that’s been very popular among dog owners in recent years is chihuahua. They’re a small breed but they’re incredibly feisty with a lot of personalities. That much is impossible to deny. But they’re also unexpectedly intelligent and quite protective of their owners. You’ll often find that they’re very loud too, so that’s something that you’ll have to be prepared for.





Pomeranian dogs are very social and love to play and interact with their owners. They’re cute little dogs that are often unyielding bundles of energy. They tend to need a lot of exercise for a small dog, and it’s important to understand that before you go ahead and adopt one. Nevertheless, they might be exactly the kind of breed that suits you best.

Shichon Mixed Breed


If you’re looking for an interesting mixed breed option, you might want to consider shichon, also known as Mini Teddy Bear Puppies. They’re a hybrid breed of shih tzu and bichon frise breeds. They’re very affectionate and they’re also very outgoing. Their exuberant personality is impossible to ignore and it’s what makes them so appealing to many dog owners. They could be the right breed for you if that’s what you’re looking for too.


Yorkshire Terrier


If you’re looking for a dog there going to be playful, energetic and impossible not to love, you might be looking for a Yorkshire terrier. They never seem to want to stop playing and they’re very affectionate towards their owner. They enjoy being around their owners and tend to show plenty of love and affection. They need to be played with and stimulated a lot, making them a breed that’ll likely take up a lot of your time and energy.


As you can see, there are plenty of different types of small dogs you can adopt when you’re looking for your first or your next dog. Be sure to do your research on each of the breeds mentioned above, and take things from there. No matter which breed you choose, knowledge and research are key.

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