The Best Times Of Year To Plan A Renovation

If you want to renovate an area of your home in the near future, it’s best to do some research into the timing of your project. After all, just like moving, some times of the year are better for the renovation than others! Say you call contractors in at the wrong time; you could be paying ten times more than you would at the other end of the year. So let’s go through all the things to keep in mind about planning a renovation, and the factors that should inform you the moment you decide to book your reno window. 


If You’re Worried About Budget


If your budget is the number one worry when it comes to renovating, it’s best to plan any work for the winter. This is when most people are winding down for the holiday period, and because it’s cold out, no one wants to get any structural work done! 


But the payoff for cold, wet weather and an even busier Christmas prep is a lower price. Contractors will be keen to get a bit more work in during this usually quiet time, and that means you can take your pick from amongst the quotes you collect. 


Depending on the Room


If you’re not too concerned about your renovation budget, you may want to focus on the room you want to get done over instead. Some renovations are more popular than others and are completed in droves at certain times of the year. You want to avoid this ‘peak season’ and find a quieter moment to get the work done fast and affordably. 


People like to get renovations done in summer, in general. Most specifically, they like getting their kitchen and bathrooms remodeled during this period. Summertime is when we’re typically on break from work, and that means our home’s decor is on our minds. But if you move this work to the autumn, you’ll avoid the rush! Plus you’ll have a lovely new kitchen to cook in for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


Always Try to Book in Advance


It’s incredibly difficult to pull off a reno job on a whim. Think about it. If you want to get the kitchen ripped out and replaced, you may have to work with various companies to get all the necessary components. For example, you may want to buy a new floor from a company like Ottawa Tile as well as get new appliances, cabinets, and countertops. 


Getting all these materials in place at the same time will take time! So try to book in advance and give yourself a head start. Not only will the contractor themselves thank you for the advanced notice, but you’ll also be able to prepare properly yourself. You’ll certainly have time to book a hotel and get out of the way of the dust, falling timbers, and a bustling work crew! 


Pick your moment just right when you want to renovate. It could make the world of difference in price, time, and results. 

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