The Best Skincare Tips For Men Over 45


In general, men don’t invest as much into their skincare as women do. There aren’t as many articles out there directed towards men’s skin and there aren’t as many skincare products for men on the market. However, it’s important for men to take care of their skin as well, especially as they get older! We are bringing you men some essential skincare tips to prioritize in your skin during your midlife years.



Use skincare: First and foremost, if you don’t already have a skincare routine, start one. With aging comes more sensitive, drier skin so simply washing and moisturizing your face can be enough. If you never have had a routine, it’s important to utilize it daily and stick with it. Just like brushing your teeth and showering, this can easily become part of your morning and night ritual.

Every day, start by washing your face with a gentle face wash to cleanse it, this can even be done in the shower so it adds virtually no time to your routine. This will simply rinse any dirt, dead skin, sweat, and products from the previous night off of your face. Lightly pat it dry and then move immediately to applying moisturizer. If you want to be proactive about anti-aging, then look for products that will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Repeat this routine every night right before bed, and feel free to lay on the moisturizer thick. Your skin cells regenerate while you sleep, so this will help keep the new skin plump and soft!



Shave smartly: An extension of your skincare is shaving your face. Shaving can easily cause irritation, especially as you get older because the skin on the face tends to be looser and more sensitive in general. Always pair new razor blades and trusted shaving products to get a close shave with limited skin irritation. Using the right products is important because when you shave, the process opens all of your pores and hair follicles to absorb the products you’re using. So, you don’t want damaging products seeping into your skin.



Drink a lot of water: Water is essential to keeping your skin looking youthful. Just like every organ in the body, your skin needs water. When it’s dehydrated it can look dry, flaky and as a result can be more prone to wrinkles because of the lack of resilience that hydrated skin has. Aim for eight glasses of water a day to help replenish your body. If you drink a lot of coffee, alcohol, or sugary drinks consider increasing your water intake as well to offset the effects of other beverages.



Value sun protection: Sun protection should be valued at any age, but definitely as you get older because the skin can’t bounce back as it does in kids or young adults. Add applying an SPF lotion into your daily routine. Even if it’s cloudy, the sun can damage your face and body. This is especially relevant if you’re someone who loves to spend time outside doing yard work, playing sports, or being by the water. This is an extremely important precaution to add to your daily skin routine to ensure your skin stays looking healthy.

You can take it a step further by wearing SPF-blocking clothing so you don’t have to worry about reapplying while you’re outside. Even look into wearing sunglasses and hats to help protect your face from the sun. This will allow some time in between reapplication sessions. Regardless, wearing SPF lotion is always a smart habit to get into.

Quit smoking: The many effects of smoking have been proven to be detrimental to overall health, including your skin. If you haven’t quit smoking cigarettes at this point in your life, this is your sign to do so! Cigarettes can dehydrate the skin causing it to become dry, flaky, and more irritable. See your doctor to find out the options there are to help you quit and which could be best for you and your wellbeing.


There are so many ways to improve your skincare, but these essential tips are a great starting point if you’re midlife and have no skincare routine yet. Luckily, these tips can help you improve your overall health as well.

What skincare tips do you value in your life right now?

We’d love everyone to share in the comments below!



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