The Benefit Of Collecting Rainwater In Your Garden (And How To Do It!)


Collecting rainwater doesn’t seem like something to be concerned with. However, it can provide a key benefit in your garden. In this post, we’ll discuss how it can be beneficial, as well as two clever ways you can do it. 


How will you benefit from collecting rainwater?

Essentially, it helps you waste less water in your garden. Watering plants will often mean you turn a tap on and use your home water supply. When you consider that you should be watering your garden every other day in the summer, this means you can waste a lot of water. 


If you start collecting rainwater, you can recycle this water and use it in your garden. It stops you from wasting your home water supply, meaning you can a) save money, and b) save the environment! 


Two ways to collect rainwater in your garden

Okay, you can clearly see how collecting rainwater is beneficial. But, what are the best ways to do this? 


Firstly, you could set up an outdoor shower for your garden. No, this isn’t an area where you can wash yourself using rainwater! Instead, it’s a system that connects a pipe to your roof and funnels rainwater through the gutters. From here, you can collect it in a container, then use it however you like throughout your garden space. It’s a very effective way of collecting lots of water when it rains. 


The second idea is even simpler than this. All you have to do is get a large barrel and place it in your garden. When it rains, this barrel starts to fill up with water. As a result, you can then collect water from the barrel and use it to water your plants and grass. Zero effort is required, no installations are needed; it’s super easy and simple.

If you have enough space in your garden, it might be beneficial to try both of these techniques. This way, you can fill two containers up with water whenever it rains. The great thing about collecting water is that you can never collect too much of it. When the barrel is full, it simply stops filling up and the rain just falls normally. 


Another great thing about both techniques is that the water stays in the containers for a very long time. It might rain for a week, meaning your rain barrels are full. Plus, because it has rained, you don’t need to water your garden for a few days. Then, when it starts to dry up and get hot, you can dip into the barrels and use the water as often as you like. There is every chance you won’t use up all of the water by the time it rains again to top the barrels up! 


So, to sum up, collecting rainwater is good because it stops you from wasting water. You lower your water bill while doing your bit to decrease water waste on the planet. It is also very easy to collect rainwater in your garden – either opt for an outdoor shower system or the old faithful rain barrel. 

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