The 4 Positives Of Having A Baby Later In Life


As our bodies age, the window of opportunity for conceiving a baby naturally begins to reduce. Between a reduction in eggs and potential health risks, medical advice tends to support the notion of women having their babies at a younger age, as it’s often deemed more straightforward to do so. 


But that doesn’t mean women can’t or shouldn’t try for a baby as they age. In their 30s, 40s, and beyond, many older women have gone on to have incredibly healthy children. Either naturally or with the assistance of medical intervention. AFCC has above average IVF success rates, for instance, making it an attractive option for those who want to conceive with assistance to initiate a healthy pregnancy. 


Besides some of the complications that may be linked to older women having babies, there are also many positives for children who are fortunate to have older moms, and the moms themselves. The benefits are as follows;


Boosts Brain Power

A study conducted by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (dedicated to aging research) revealed women who had a baby later in life were susceptible to increased brain power, including enhanced verbal memory, sharper cognition, and increased problem-solving skills.


Improved Parenting

Maturity comes naturally with age, and it’s something that’s proven to aid better parenting. 


According to a study conducted by the European Journal of Development, older moms were more likely to abstain from physically disciplining their children, and had more patience. As a result, the children exhibited better behavior and handled emotions and social situations much better. 


Financial Stability

Years within a career often lead to progression and financial success. Money, whether we like it or not, dictates stress levels and happiness in an individual’s life and their family life. 


Older women, who have had the time to forge a career, business, and investments, most likely have a stable income, and savings, to support a baby without stress. In comparison, younger moms who are often just setting out on their career ladder may not have the resources to provide a fulfilling life for their little ones, as they would if they were older.


Older moms, who are financially stable, can often provide better healthcare, improved education, and overall a better quality of life.


Live Longer

You may have read and heard people discussing that having children later in life means you may not get the opportunity to be around them when you grow old and eventually pass away. But this isn’t true. Women who have babies later in life are more likely to live longer than women who don’t. Meaning they will still be alive as their children are aging.


According to a study in the Journal Menopause, women that have their last baby after 33 are twice as likely to live to 95. Compared to moms that had their last child before they turned 30. 


Motherhood is challenging. Particularly when you are young and haven’t achieved all of the things you want to do in your life. Older women often have the positives of experience, intelligence, financial stability, and calmness on their side, which are essential components that shape great parents. 


To give you and your baby-to-be the best start, it’s essential to visit your doctor to discuss any health complaints you have and possible risks before conception. While also, establishing what you can do for your body to prepare for the baby. Such as eating the right food and light exercise. 


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