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10 Facts about West Virginia

  West Virginia was formed from the Allegany counties of Virginia over the question of slavery.  The Virginia government in Richmond had declared Virginia a slave state and part of the Confederacy.  Several of the westernmost counties were Union loyalist and after much argument with Richmond decided to secede from Virginia and form its own …

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HuntingtonWV Painted Trains EclecticEvelyn.com

Huntington’s Painted Trains

If you spend some time walking around the downtown area of Huntington, West Virginia, you will discover several painted trains on display.  Some are on the sidewalk and some are tucked into doorways of stores. These public sculptures provide for a great scavenger hunt throughout the city. The Artisans Express was created in 2015 by …

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The Daily Show gives West Virginia the Willies

Update: WV House – Delegate Don Perdue Responds to The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Del. Don Perdue made these remarks on the floor of the WV House of Delegates during our Legislative session. [<a href=”//storify.com/EclecticEvelyn/wv-calls-out-the-daily-show-on-twitter” target=”_blank”>View the story “The Daily Show gives West Virginia the Willies” on Storify</a>]

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It is day four of the Just Jot It January challenge and today’s prompt is Dachshund. Wow, now that is a tough prompt. It leads most in the direction to write about dogs or pets. Me it leads to my least favorite Aunt and Uncle and my first trip to Cleveland. I’ve been to Cleveland twice …

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Death as Transformation EclecticEvelyn.com

Death as Transformation

I have been exploring the idea of Death in my writing. Death as a transformative power, a transition and how after death we must re-create ourselves. When I moved to West Virginia 25 years ago I experienced the death of a relationship and had to recreate myself. I changed a great deal from the person …

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#ThursdayDoors Wheeling, WV

This is a picture of little hidden door in downtown Wheeling, West Virginia.  It appears to lead to a small alley between two buildings.  My friend, Sondra Jackson, who lives in Wheeling shared this photo with me because she knows how much I love doors. It was such a unique idea that I wanted to …

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5 Midlife Lessons on Letting It Go

All my life I have tried to be organized tried to be Martha Stewart, the Domestic Goddess. I even vacuumed in pearls once like June Cleaver. None of it worked. I was still me. Still a single mother, living in the hood, just trying to keep it all together with no clue of exactly what I was supposed to be doing.