West Virginia

Unique Travel Experiences

Now that the kids are grown up and starting off their own adventures, it is the ideal time for you to get out of the house and start to explore the world once again. You’ve done the standard family trips which were more work than fun and now you’re ready for traveling on your own terms. Why not try something a bit different? 

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The Important Role Of Public Administration In Crisis Relief and Family Preparedness

Natural and manmade disasters happen all over the world, often with very little warning. As global warming’s effect is making natural disasters more commonplace, it has become vital for disaster management solutions to evolve to meet the need.     Between 2011 and 2013, the federal government spent over $135 billion on disaster relief. This

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HuntingtonWV Painted Trains EclecticEvelyn.com

Huntington’s Painted Trains

If you spend some time walking around the downtown area of Huntington, West Virginia, you will discover several painted trains on display.  Some are on the sidewalk and some are tucked into doorways of stores. These public sculptures provide for a great scavenger hunt throughout the city. The Artisans Express was created in 2015 by

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What I liked in July EclecticEvelyn.com

What I Liked in July

Hello, August! It’s time to share my favorites from Instagram for July. It’s is hard to pick just a few so, for July I focused more on the photograph than on the subject. These are spectacular photographs that remind you of something you would see in a book, magazine, or a museum. Be sure to

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Coal Camp Stranger

Mr. Anders had seen a family tossed out by hired men just hours after the father had been killed in a mine explosion. A woman heavy with child and four little children with nowhere to go tossed out like garbage. He could still hear her crying and screaming in Italian not understanding what was happening.

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Death as Transformation EclecticEvelyn.com

Death as Transformation

I have been exploring the idea of Death in my writing. Death as a transformative power, a transition and how after death we must re-create ourselves. When I moved to West Virginia 25 years ago I experienced the death of a relationship and had to recreate myself. I changed a great deal from the person

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