Wide Open Spaces

A shiver ran up my spine, Mama’s voice in my head, don’t count the crows, baby. You know why they’re called a murder. Don’t tempt fate. Let them tell it to the devil. 

Every Face Tells A Story

She held the collage in her hand focusing her gaze on 23. What a pretty face 23 had. Checking her notes she saw that 23 had her photo taken in Middlesex in 1922. She called Jacques…

Coal Camp Stranger

Mr. Anders had seen a family tossed out by hired men just hours after the father had been killed in a mine explosion. A woman heavy with child and four little children with nowhere to go tossed out like garbage. He could still hear her crying and screaming in Italian not understanding what was happening.

Silhouettes on the Shade EclecticEvelyn.com

Silhouettes on the Shade

She pushed her hand into her bag to touch the gun. She always brought it with her as she watched. Not sure if she would ever have the courage to use it but knowing deep down that it might actually be her savior one day. Her savior, like she had thought him to be.

Lady Gray EclecticEvelyn.com

Lady Gray

I am Lady Gray, the banshee, the old crone, the sound of wind howling in the night. I bring with me the loneliness of the ages, the lamentation of the lost souls, and the wails of the living who mourn them.