F is for Flag Day

  In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. What is Flag Day? Flag Day commemorates the resolution of June 14, 1777, which adopted the red, white, and blue as the official flag of the United States. Who started Flag Day? Bernard J. Cigrand, a grade-school teacher in Waubeka Wisconsin, held the …

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Should You Sell Your House or Stay?

if you’re thinking about moving because you don’t like the house or because you’ve got a lot of problems that are costing you loads of money in repairs, moving out isn’t always the best choice. If you’re considering a move but you aren’t sure whether it’s the right thing to do, consider these questions.

Caring for Aging Parents: The Hard Questions

As we age so do our parents. The ones we turned to for support now need ours.  It is very hard to deal with aging parents as it makes us face our own mortality.  For those who did not have supportive parents, it can be even harder.

MIndfield An Overheard Conversation EclecticEvelyn.com

Mindfield An Overheard Conversation

Tucked behind a motel and a barber shop in Brownsville, Tennessee, there is a conversation going on.  It’s a conversation Billy Tripp is having with himself, but the world is welcome to stand witness and listen.