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    My Breakup with Network News

    I used to be a news junky. I would watch the local morning, six o’clock and eleven o’clock news every day and in between my television was always tuned to CNN, MSNBC, HLN, or C-Span. I was addicted to network news until one day, I noticed that all the news was basically the same. Sure some networks would put a different spin or lean on the story but they were all talking about the same story and most of the stories were not even newsworthy. It all started in the summer of 2007 during the first US Social Forum. On opening day of the weeklong event over 10,000 people marched…

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    Dear Visitor to My World

    When you come in here and try to save me all I am left with is the mess you leave behind. You play at pretending to be poor for the day or the week not really knowing what its like to actually be poor. Not really knowing what its like to wake up terrified and go to bed hungry every single night. Not knowing what it means to be a woman with children who have a father who doesn’t care or only comes around when he wants something. You have no idea what my life is actually like. You just look in from the outside passing judgment pretending you can…

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    What is it with TV?

    What is it with TV? TV takes up entirely too much of everyone’s time.  We know this yet we watch and watch and watch.  The average american watches 5 hours of TV a day. We just sit on our ever expanding asses and watch. We consume cheap TV shows and fake news just like we consume processed food and disposable products. Not only is all these hours of watching TV making us fat but it is making us dumber.  Does real life suck so much that we have to dull ourselves with mindless hours of TV?  Maybe we are just so frustrated with our own lives that we escape into…