How to Survive Life After Rehab

The recovery process involved when you go to rehab for addiction doesn’t end when you complete the program and leave the facility. You may feel like you’ve overcome your problem and regained full control of your life, however, there are more challenges to come post-rehab. This is why it is important to make sure that …

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Fire Trucks are for Boys

This was the first time I realized that boys could do things that girls were not allowed to do and it was so not fair. My mom agreed and so her and my maternal Grandfather went out and bought me a tricycle

J #AtoZChallenge

Who is J Poet?

This is an amazing young poet I came across a while back. I have no idea what has become of him since he made this video several years ago. If you know him or about him let me know in the comments. In the mean time listen to this amazing spoken word video.   Click here …

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Should I Warn Her?

Should I Warn Her?

Her face is smiling up at me from the announcement section of the morning paper. Right there next to his depraved grin, she stands beaming, happy to show off the ring. I wonder who paid for it. Tossing the paper in the trash near the door, I walk out into the morning throng. The sun …

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Anxiety: The Hardest Part about Being Outside

This is the reality for me and other’s who deal with Anxiety and Agoraphobia.  So if you see me out and I don’t respond it’s not because I’m being unfriendly or stuck up.  It’s because the voice in my head telling me to run is so loud I can’t hear anything else. 

Calvin Keeney and

Discovering My Poet’s Soul

Nikki Giovanni gave words to my reality like no other poetry had ever been able to before. She was real, not some romantic figure locked in her room dreaming of love. She was living life and talking about what it meant to live life as a woman. She was writing all those …

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

They say the creative soul is stifled in an environment of misery and despair but they are wrong It thrives there under the surface. every abuse every cruelty makes it stronger building power it rises up like a phoenix from the flame finding voice in the silence speaking out telling truth to the world.