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    When #SoCS

    “When I see you smile” This lyric is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw today’s prompt. Back when music was great and our hair was big. Maybe, I’m partial because that happened to be when I was a teenager.  Am I aging myself? Oh, well, I will get over it. I am a woman of a certain age and when you become a certain age, you should be proud because as they say, the alternative is worse. When, if, if and when. If means it might but when means it will. If I go to the store, leaves it up in the air about whether I…

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    Banshee Scream #SoCS

    Ever heard a panther scream? Sounds like a woman screaming. Maybe that’s where the story of banshees comes from. Maybe it’s the wind howling through the cracks in the frame that make that howling noise. The wolf panting at the door. Let me in or I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down. Down or is it in? Down is better than in because at least the roof can protect you. Nothing can protect you once you hear the banshee scream. The sound foretells a death in the house. The grim reaper, howling in the night, panting at the door, silently standing with his scythe patiently waiting, evermore.   Friday…

  • Signs of Trouble #SoCS EclecticEvelyn.com

    Signs of Trouble #SoCS

    Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sign.”   “Looks like signs of trouble up ahead” Jeb nodded toward the flashing lights around the next bend. I didn’t feel much like talking so, I nodded and went back to my own thoughts. This day had been one sign of trouble after another. First, the fire, then Charlie’s disappearance and now whatever lays ahead. Probably a road block. Seems like the entire county is out looking for Charlie. I just can’t wrap my head around what happened. How could he be there one minute and gone the next. A grown man doesn’t just disappear into thin air, especially if he is…

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    Writing a Stream of Consciousness Exercise #SoCS

    Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “all or nothing.”   The first thing that popped into my head when I saw this prompt was this song. (video put in later) I have no idea why except the word nothing is in it.  It has been a while since I have participated in Stream of Consciousness Saturday and so I am a little rusty or maybe it’s just that my stream is a little stagnant. So here I am giving it my all but I seem to be getting nothing.  Hmm… I have this technique that when I have to write something I just write and let everything flow out on the…

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    So Like Very

    So is one of those filler words. Similar to like and very.  These are words that are overused, really mean nothing,  and don’t add anything to a sentence. If you are writing and you see “so”, “like”, or “very”, take a minute and rethink their use. Do you really need them in that sentence? Are you using them out of a bad habit? Can you find a better word to use in place of it? This makes me think of this song. Am I aging myself? Hey, I’m a proud 80’s girl. Anyway, so like gag me with a spoon.  If you want to like totally immerse yourself in like the 80’s…

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    Coat Conscious

    Coat of arms Coated tongue Raincoat prophylactic protects against more than rain Winter coat Hand me down coat coat of many colors Appalachian poverty turned into a Christmas Special entertainment for the masses Old coat torn coat Coat stuffed with newspapers protection against the cold on a New York sidewalk No coat Coated tongue no medicine no bed   This is just a rambling stream of consciousness poem that I hope reminds you to think about coats. Think about how blessed you are to have a coat and about everyone who is cold and without a coat this winter. I hope you will donate coats, scarves, gloves, socks, and other warm clothing…

  • Memos Post-Its and Scraps of Paper #SoCS EclecticEvelyn.com

    Memo, Post-its, and Scraps of Paper

    Memos to myself. Post-it notes stuck everywhere. Little note pads with lists for everyone. Scraps of paper with phone numbers and no name. Who is this? Is this my handwriting? I don’t even recognize this area code. Reaching for a post-it, I write a note to find out who’s number this is and stick it in the sometime pile on my desk. This is a pile that I never actually get too. I have conveniently placed this pile of papers right above my trash can so when the cats are on my desk and accidently knock it in the trash, it’s okay. I have no problem with the cats throwing…

  • Gathering Nuts for Winter #SOCS EclecticEvelyn.com

    #SOCS- Gathering Nuts for the Winter

    What popped into my mind when I read that today’s prompt was “coin” was the term to “coin a phrase” Exactly what does that mean.  Oh. I know what we mean by saying “He coined the phrase” but why is it coined?  Why do we say coined, I don’t see how money and a phrase are connected unless it is derived from the fact that often when someone coins a phrase they can possibly then copyright or trademark the phrase.  This leads me to think why do we even call coins, coins and not disks or circles? Why do we place value in these coins?  Why do we value gold above all…