Just Jotting through January

This month I am participating in Just Jot It January. Basically, what this means is I am committing to write every day in January and writing is loosely defined as anything from one sentence to an entire short story. Whatever, I feel like doing that day is ok, as long as I write something. There are …

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Let It Go #SoCS EclecticEvelyn.com

Does This Sauce Complement My Blog?

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is compliment/complement. I have never thought of these two words together before. But now, now that I have thought about them and how they could accidentally be interchangeable in my writing, now I will over think them. Great! One more combination of words for me to over think while …

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girl reaching for brownie muffin

2015 a Year of Possibilities

2015 a year full of possibilities, blessings, and abundance. This is going to be a great year! Fifteen minute timed writing before dinner. Today has been a very productive day. We got the pantry cleaned out and all the tools sorted. We even got all the paper towels put away – an entire case. We …

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