Mountain Laurel

  Her name was Laurel just like the flowers that covered the mountains in the spring. Her face told the story of her life, every wrinkle a new chapter, every line contained a tale. She was old as the mountains and as young as the buds on the trees. On warm days you could see …

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6 Places on My Travel Bucket List

The kids have flown the nest so what are you waiting for? Spread those wings and start ticking off destinations on your bucket list. Find out what 6 of my destinations are.

What is a Ramp and how do you cook them

What are Ramps and How Do You Cook Them?

Call them ramps, spring onions, ramsons, wild leeks or wild garlic, as Mamaw Flotie would say “hit don’t matter what ya call’em they’ll cure what ails ye”.  Recipes for Spring Tonic and Ramp Shrimp Scampi included.

Mother Nature is Menopausal

It seems that Mother Nature cannot decide if it is going to be hot or cold.  Hot flashes followed by night sweats which than leads to freezing. Her mood swings are off the charts with more hurricane’s, earthquakes, and tornado’s then normal.

Coal Camp Stranger

Mr. Anders had seen a family tossed out by hired men just hours after the father had been killed in a mine explosion. A woman heavy with child and four little children with nowhere to go tossed out like garbage. He could still hear her crying and screaming in Italian not understanding what was happening.

Bashful Smile

Could this child be a relative, maybe a distant cousin with those blonde eyelashes like mine and that nose that looks like my son’s?  I don’t recollect any family in the Scott’s Run area but sometimes families traveled when a mine closed.

My Top 5 2017

My Top 5 of 2017

These are the 5 most read posts on my blog in 2017 based on views. If you haven’t read these you might want to check them out.

What I liked in November

What I liked in November: Splendid Color

It’s time to share my favorites on Instagram in November. In November, Mother Nature was painting with all her glory so I choose the colors of fall as my theme for November.  I hope you enjoy!

Food For the Starving Huntington WV Opioid Epidemic

Food for the Starving

The city I live in is considered ground zero for the opioid epidemic. In a city that has less than 50,000 people, 1 in 4 adults is addicted to an opiate and 1 in every 10 babies born in 2016 were born addicted.