Summer Fashion Essentials For Women Over 60

Old age is no excuse not to look your fashionable best, so turning 60 shouldn’t stop you from feeling confident in what you wear and adorning your style. Of course, you need to dress your age, look good, and feel comfortable. Those are the most important things your fashion choices should give you. With the warmth of the sun and summer wafting in the air, it’s time to put together the fashion essentials you need to look and feel your best in the season. So, whether you choose to relax at home or go outside, here are some fashion essentials every woman over 60 should add to her summer wardrobe.

Comfortable, supportive underwear


A good underwear set is one of the essential elements for a great summer, especially after you’re 60. Wearing comfortable, supportive, and breathable underwear can impact your general summer in so many ways. First, the more comfortable you feel in your undergarments, the easier it is to get through your day and enjoy your summer activities. Additionally, putting on supportive underwear will help keep your figure in check, enhancing your looks as a result. Thankfully, companies like ThirdLove make it easy to identify the perfect underwear for you to keep you comfortable and well supported. Also, because you can expect a lot of sweat in the summer heat, it’s best to pick underwear types made with breathable materials. As your body eliminates toxins through sweat, such toxins can be trapped in your underwear, which is unhealthy in the long term. Underwear made from breathable materials or organic fabric can wick away moisture buildup and help keep your torso area dry and cool. 

Maxi dresses and long, lightweight cardigans


Maxi dresses are always in style and are a wonderful fashion essential to have during summer. When you just want to stay indoors, a comfy maxi dress is almost as good as your PJs, only more fashionable. Plus, they are mostly made from soft fabrics to be light and breathable enough for the warm summer temperature. Throw a long, lightweight cardigan over your maxi dress, and you hit the outdoors looking elegant and feeling comfortable. 

Don’t forget your summer accessories


You only need the essential summer accessories. Your sunglasses when you step out, your hat for those leisure walks in the park, and soft sandals to ease your steps. Of course, you cannot forget about jewelry. Try sticking to a single piece of jewelry, so you don’t appear old but desperate to look like a teenager. For example, a statement earring or necklace is more than enough for any outfit.

Denim jeans


Yes, denim jeans still look fabulous on women beyond their 60s. Add a nice pair of loose, straight-leg, or wide jeans designed for older women. The loose or wide design will make your legs feel comfortable while making you look clean and mature. Slide your feet into a pair of comfortable loafers for older women, and you have a winning combination. 


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