5 Spring Accessory Trends That Will Turn Heads

With the days getting longer and warmer, you know that Spring is just around the corner. You need to make sure you are armed with the knowledge of the latest trends so that you can make fashionable choices and look your best for the new season. Here are five accessory trends for Spring 2022.


Quirky Designs

One of this season’s hottest trends is accessories with whimsical designs. When it comes to jewelry, designers have taken a step back in time with novelty pieces such as clunky charm bracelets and beaded friendship necklaces. The catwalk also saw quirky cracked egg shoes from Loewe and a cheese hat from Puppets & Puppets. If you want to get in on the action, Judith Leiber has a collection of novelty handbags that will turn heads. From glittering take-out box designs to vintage cameras and chihuahuas, their eclectic collection will help you stay on trend this Spring.

Vintage Jewelry

Take a leaf out of your grandma’s book and embrace all things vintage this Spring. Vintage jewelry will always have a place in the hearts of fashionistas everywhere, but there is a current trend for sparkly pieces that have some old-school glamor. Huge names in the industry, such as Versace and Chanel, have added some vintage charm to their accessory collection. Expect statement gold-tone earrings embellished with decorative enamel detailing, ornate brooches, and iridescent pearl necklaces this season. For a quick fix, head on down to your local consignment store to nab a few one-off pieces before everyone else snaps them up. Alternatively, you can browse online consignment stores from the comfort of your own home.


Decorate Your Feet with a Pair of Platforms

In Spring 2022, the higher the shoe, the better – this is what everyone is going for. Sky-high platform shoes are making a huge comeback, and those who wish to be a little bit taller can add a fair few inches to their height with this type of shoe. Platform shoes are extravagant, eye-catching, and can quite literally elevate your outfit. Not to mention, the right pair of platforms that fit perfectly can add inches to your height without causing you as much discomfort as a regular pair of heels. Platforms are basically stacked shoes that elevate your entire foot instead of just the heels. This helps you achieve a more comfortable angle while you walk. The right pair should feel like a pair of ballet pumps or another flat shoe type, which means you can wear them all day without discomfort.

Colorful Gemstones

Colorful gemstones are in this Spring, and you can join the trend by adding a pop of color to your neckline, ears, and wrists. Gemstone jewelry that features a clear cut and has a distinctive hue is a great way to go with this new trend, while oversized pieces are also very popular.


Decorative Headpieces

Decorative headpieces with a nod towards the Roaring Twenties were a hit on the runway. Think glittering gold cascading down your face and delicate lace hugging the dome of your head.


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