Spangly Dangly Sparkles

Spangly, Dangly, Sparkles and Fire

Statuesque and tan
cut-offs and a striped tube top
Long blond hair flowing as she twirls
Tossing, spinning, twisting
Skyward the stars glinting in the evening light
She bends, one leg high in the air behind her
She scoops it up and smiles at me laughing.
She is everything, I want to be.

I feel the beat of the drum inside my chest
I jump and sit and jump again.
Excitement coming off my body like electricity.
There she is!

Sparkly in her spangly sequins
Dangly rhinestones catch the lights.
The night is alive
She lights the torches and begins.

 Your prompt is: “Spangly.” Use it any way you like. It is brought to you by Judy of Make sure you stop by Judy’s website and say hello to her!

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