Gathering Nuts for Winter #SOCS

#SOCS- Gathering Nuts for the Winter

What popped into my mind when I read that today’s prompt was “coin” was the term to “coin a phrase” Exactly what does that mean.  Oh. I know what we mean by saying “He coined the phrase” but why is it coined?  Why do we say coined, I don’t see how money and a phrase are connected unless it is derived from the fact that often when someone coins a phrase they can possibly then copyright or trademark the phrase.  This leads me to think why do we even call coins, coins and not disks or circles? Why do we place value in these coins?  Why do we value gold above all else?  You can’t really do anything with it except make decorations.  You can’t eat gold or burn gold to keep yourself warm.  Exactly why did someone way back in the day look at this metal that could not be used to make tools and say “Yes! this is the most valuable thing on earth”? Also diamonds, why are diamonds valuable?  Personally, I think food or water is more valuable than gold or diamonds because without food or water you can’t live.  You can live just fine without gold or diamonds.  If you really think about it, we as a species place value on some of the craziest stuff.  You will never see a squirrel gathering up coins for the winter.

So ends my very stream of consciousness Saturday post.




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