Small Kitchen Storage Ideas For A More Efficient Space


Small kitchens often make people feel uncomfortable. It is difficult to keep it clean and organized. But don’t get upset because there are many small kitchen ideas to maximize space and help you forget about the chaos in your kitchen. Here, we are going to talk about the most efficient small kitchen organization ideas to make your space feel larger. 


If you got a small kitchen that is quickly getting cluttered and disorganized, you may feel like everything is in the wrong place. The truth is organizing all the appliances and cookware in a small kitchen is truly a kind of art. To fight a limited space in your kitchen, you can use the ideas on kitchen design for small space proved by space organizational professionals. So, what to do to maximize space in your kitchen both physically and visually and how to store items correctly?


Maximize Space In Your Pantry 


The additional functionality may sometimes be costly but there are simple and inexpensive ideas that might help to add some space and functionality in your kitchen. For example, to make your kitchen more spacious, bring as much stuff as possible to the pantry. However, there will arise another question, that is, how to organize space in your pantry. The main tip here is to use low-cost design elements like cabinets, shelves, drawer, hanging racks, wall hangers and so on. You can also use this and similar kitchen storage ideas to keep your cereals, dry goods, and spices to avoid adding clutter to your kitchen space. One more tip is to keep food in clear containers to help you identify it quickly and make time spent in your kitchen more enjoyable. 

Use Adjoining Spaces Like A Pantry

Taking advantage of a spare bedroom, dining room or closet is a great tip if your kitchen borders these rooms. If you can convert some free square footage into a storage space, you can use it to hold dry food, unnecessary appliances, and other stuff. 

Other spaces might include a dead-end, space beneath the stairs, hard-to-reach places, etc. 


What is especially brilliant is that even a small kitchen can be beautifully decorated and look neat. Here is one of the most popular kitchen dining room ideas. You can arrange hiding storage behind the backsplash in the dining room to keep bottles of wine, rows of spices, boxes with fruits to bring them to the table in the middle of the dinner. 


Among the latest kitchen remodeling ideas is using free space beneath the stairs to store items outside the kitchen. If your kitchen is located near the stairs, convert this space into additional storage for kitchen items and containers. To make this storage look more elegant, hide them behind the doors. You can also install roll-out shelves to make them slide easily.

Choose Specific Colors For Your Kitchen  

In order to make your kitchen feel larger, pay some attention to lighting and design. If needed, consider changing the kitchen wall color. It is advisable to use cool, pastel or pale neutral colors, for example, white, blue, gray, yellow, beige to open up your space. These colors can really make space look larger than it is in reality. 

When streamlining design of your kitchen, you can visually declutter it and make it look a little larger. If all the components in the kitchen match, it looks more spacious and neat. 

In addition, bad lighting usually makes the room look cramped and boring. To create a dramatic appearance to the kitchen, you can use the modern kitchen table lighting ideas, for example, replace the dull lighting of your kitchen with small pendant lights.  

Use Vertical Space

In a small kitchen, there may be not enough space to settle the cabinets and drawers. In this case, using vertical space can serve a good solution to the problem. Kitchen utensils, pots, and pans are easy to hang from the ceiling in order to leverage wall space. The same applies to the cabinets and shelves as the kitchen is a perfect place for creating a highly functional space. To make the kitchen more spacious, you can use mobile home kitchen remodel ideas, for example, take cabinets all the way up to the ceiling.


Add A Multi-Functional Island

When talking about how to create a more spacious kitchen, use one of the most efficient small kitchen island ideas. Island serves a handy work surface that helps to arrange an easy cooking process. It can also serve as an additional shelf to hold utensils and dishes. In the end, a well-designed slim island can serve a dinner table. 

Add A Few Shelves


Another useful design idea consists of adding open shelves. They visually help to open cramped kitchen space. At the same time, all the kitchen essentials are easily visible and accessible. Open shelves allow you to gather all of your items in one location as well as create a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen.


We have walked you through the best small kitchen ideas to help in maximizing existing space with as little effort as possible. In case, a simple cleanup doesn’t help out in enlarging a cramped kitchen, a more profound repair may be needed. Instead of buying many new furniture and appliances, consider using some small kitchen remodel ideas to make it as organized and efficient as possible. 


About the author: Sophia Clark is a freelance writer and blogger. Acquiring her writing experience in guest posting, Sophia has found herself as a content editor on this website.



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  1. Thanks for the great ideas! I have a tiny kitchen, and am forever cursing the small space. I need to embrace it, and look for better storage with what I have.

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