Simple Ways To Have More Fun In The Office

Ensuring that your office is a fun and healthy place to work is important for the happiness of your staff. Introducing communication time and games on a Friday afternoon will help your office be a more fun and relaxing place to be. For those looking to enhance their staff’s time at work and enrich their work hours, here are simple ways to have more fun in the office.


Office quizzes

Once a week you could host an office quiz. You could let staff finish a bit earlier and bring snacks to enjoy over a quiz. This is a great way to reward staff and ensure that workplace relationships happen. 


After the quiz, you could reward the winning team or employee that scores the most points. You could make the questions as difficult, easy, or funny as you feel is appropriate. For instance, you could ask questions such as what is the difference between the Fountain Pen vs Rollerball vs Ballpoint. Or, you could ask history or geography questions. Whatever you feel is appropriate, make a quiz based on that. 


To encourage more people to join in, you could ask staff to host it each week and give the responsibility over to other people. It will help them feel more involved and have fun with it as the quiz host and quiz answerer. 


Personalize your workspace

Your desk is the area you associate with work. However, it can be fun too. If you personalize your workspace then you will feel more at home and comfortable there. 


You could and pictures, your favorite flowers, or something that keeps you entertained and on top of your game. A more comfortable and homely workspace will help you feel more positive and happier at work.


Network more

You may sit for long hours at your desk and only communicate with your colleagues through email. Physical communication is better for the brain and can enhance a person’s mood. It is also a great way to have a laugh and lighten the serious tone that is in most offices. 


Getting up from your desk, walking around, and talking to colleagues can improve the atmosphere in the office. It can also help you get a much-deserved break to stretch your legs and reset your brain. 


Make clubs

You might share passions with people that you work with such as drawing or playing sports. When you have that mutual connection with someone, take advantage of it and make a club. You could get more colleagues involved, which will improve workplace connections and help you all have more fun together. 


These clubs could take place in the office should your company allow it. If you present them with an idea and the workplace benefits, then they will likely agree. They may even help you set it up and make it even more fun and exciting. If you don’t ask, then you don’t get it. You might even find out that your work has a budget available to help fund the club, which will further make the club more fun and worthwhile. 

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