Simple House Cleaning Hacks

Keeping on top of all of the household chores can be a full-time job. It is time-consuming, tedious, and often thankless as before you know it needs cleaning once again. To help you keep on top of the monotony of your cleaning schedule here are some simple and helpful home cleaning hacks that will save your time and effort. 


Get rid of pen marks with hairspray


Found pen marks on your tables? Felt tip marks that have filtered through the thin sheets of paper onto your dining table? For those particularly stubborn pen marks (think Sharpes) then your normal spray or hot soapy water just will not cut it. Instead, get yourself a cloth and apply a little hairspray to the affected area. You will be amazed as you watch that seeming removable colored pen wipe clean from your table.


Hot lemon water to clean your microwave 


Put a bowl of water with a few slices of lemon into your microwave and set it going on full power for several minutes. The mixture will boil and steam will ascend inside the microwave. Once finished let the microwave cool and then wipe the insides. You will be left with a sparkling microwave free of chemicals and man-made products. 


Lemon water in your toilet too


Lemon is a great cleaning additive that should not just be confined to the toilet. If you want to keep the gentle yet effective approach then you could do worse than investing in some lemon oil. Mix baking soda with lemon oil and tea tree and let the mixture sit in the toilet bowl for around 30 minutes. Then give the bowl a good brush and flush, leaving you with a sparkling toilet. 


A robotic vacuum and floor cleaner


Yes, such miracles do exist and they are becoming more and more commonplace. Available to purchase are programmable robots that find their way around your home vacuuming as they go. Some also double up as floor cleaners that will wash your floors after vacuuming. The robots are clever enough to detect a change in surface and can adapt from cleaning your luxury vinyl flooring one minute to vacuuming your thick rug the next. They are not the cheapest of home hacks but they are one of the most efficient. 


Sweet-smelling garbage 


Your garbage bin is a prime target for releasing unpleasant odors into your home, especially in the warm summer months. To help keep unwelcome scents to a minimum, soak a piece of kitchen towel in a scented disinfectant and let it sit at the bottom of your garbage bin. You can change the kitchen towel as often as you do the garbage bag. Not only will your bin smell better it will be benefiting from a bit of disinfectant too. 


Remove unwanted watermarks the easy way 


Watermarks are the nemesis of the bathroom that can take too much elbow and time to remove. Make your life easy and use the shaving foam method. Apply shaving cream to your shower glass and let it sit for around 15 minutes. After which you wipe away the cream and marks in one go. 


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