Signs You’re Losing Your Memory

In many ways, the world has come a long way in medicine. Technology has packed a powerful punch in surgeries, programming to streamline patient data and management, and even medicines. The one place that we are still stumped, however, is in Alzheimer’s research. We know so much about this brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, but we don’t know enough yet to say that we are winning against it.


There are options like medications and gamma light therapy now that we didn’t have before, but the best thing to do with Alzheimer’s is educating yourself. You need to know the signs that you are possibly losing your memory, and the best way to do that is to check out the list of signs that it is possibly fading below. 


  • Your daily life is disrupted regularly. You know when you walk into a room and you find that you have no idea why you’re in there? Well, that’s a disruption to your daily life. If you’re forgetting events, dates and important things that people have reminded you about, that’s a disruption and it’s a clear sign that your memory is failing you.
  • You find problem-solving much harder. Some people living with dementia have issues with solving problems in their lives. They might have difficulties in concentrating, they might have issues with recipes and following simple instructions. If you are experiencing any of this, then it’s a sure sign that you’re dealing with memory loss. 
  • Familiar tasks are suddenly frightening. The simple tasks that you’ve been doing for years suddenly become too difficult to manage. Even the things like organizing a grocery list, remembering how to play Monopoly or even how to drive a car – a dangerous thing to forget! If you need help to use your TV remote, then it’s time to speak to an expert.
  • You don’t know where you are. People who deal with Alzheimer’s are often dealing with forgetting where they live or where they are going. They also have difficulty in believing things that aren’t happening immediately. It’s confusing to be in one place that looks familiar but forget how you got there, so if it’s something that you are experiencing, then get some help and tell someone what you are dealing with. The only way through the maze of memory loss is to talk to someone who can remember for you.
  • Lack of personal space. There is a distinct lack of being able to understand personal space. Special awareness is often lost on those who are suffering from memory issues, and if you are losing your memory you might notice it first.
  • Forgetting how to read and write. The connections between the brain and the nerves that control the hands often go when it comes to dementia and memory loss. When you notice that you are unable to read or write properly, you might find that you are coping with memory loss and it’s something that your doctor can help you with.

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