Signs of Depression During the Holidays


Even though the holidays are a time for merry cheer and goodwill to all, it can also be challenging for a lot of people. These issues stem from loneliness, anxiety, depression, and the thought of needing to interact with toxic people because they feel obligated to do so. Managing the expectations of the holidays along with the pressure we often put on ourselves during this time can lead to feelings of frustration and inadequacy. 



It’s essential, then, to do what you can to notice the signs of when someone is not at their best over the holidays. They might put on a happy face, but there’s only so long they can manage this. Here are some of the critical signs to look out for. 


They’re Distancing Themselves


Everyone is expected to meet up with each other over the holidays and enjoy each others’ company, reminisce on the year, and look forward to the next. However, if one of your friends or a member of your family has stopped returning phone calls, answering texts, or responding to the group chat, it could be a sign that they are not feeling their best. It could be a struggle for them to motivate them to get out, or they might not feel up to being around a lot of people. Take the time to pay them a visit to check up on them. 


Their Demeanor Has Changed


If one of your good friends seems like their demeanor has changed, it could be a sign that they are not at their best, too. This could be a sign of mental health experience or self-medication to deal with how they feel. If it is the latter, recommending a drug detox center could help them recover, but often this only works if they want to improve. Of course, it could also be the stress of the holidays, but it’s still essential to determine the cause of the issue. 


They’ve Stopped Doing What They Love


Even if they don’t think they do, everybody has a hobby. It is their escape from the rigors of modern life, and it gives them a chance to unwind. When someone is not feeling their best, one of the first signs of this is that they have stopped doing what they love. This could include playing an instrument to exercise, so look out for any examples of giving up on their passion. 


They Don’t Seem to Care


Finally, they may stop appearing to care about anything and may even say that whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. This could be how they are, but if it’s someone who usually is happy and excited about what’s to come next, whatever that is, then it is a cause for alarm. If possible, try to encourage them to see the positives in the future, because while things may look bleak now, they will not stay that way. 


Recognize the Signs


No matter how cheery or positive your friends and family might be for most of the year, the holidays can be hard on anybody, and they might struggle with the responsibilities expected of them. Even if you do not understand, it’s still helpful for you to reach out to them if they don’t seem themselves, it might be that all they need is someone to talk to. 




If you or someone you love needs to talk, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (HELP) anytime 24/7. This hotline is FREE, available to anyone in the U.S., and completely anonymous.


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  1. These are great points. So many truly get depressed over the holidays whether it is seasonal related, stress related, etc. People should really keep an eye out on others.

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