Show Gratitude Daily

How I Use Twitter to Show Gratitude Daily



Show Gratitude Daily


Want to find more joy? It’s simple, stop comparing yourself to others and start practicing gratitude. Once we become aware of all that we already have then we can find happiness. Dwelling on what we lack brings on stress and depression. The simple things we take for granted on a daily basis such as safe drinking water and toilets are only dreams to more than half the people in the world. If you go to sleep each night in a safe dry place, you are more fortunate than many in your own community.
Showing gratitude is not complicated it’s as simple as saying thank you.




One of the ways I practice gratitude is through Twitter. Each night around 11pm I send out this tweet that encourages all my followers to take a moment and think about three things they are grateful for today.




Some of my followers respond to the tweet using the hashtags #3things and #gratitude. I retweet them during the evening after I make my list and tweet it out.




You can join in each night by tweeting your three things using the hashtags #3things and #gratitude.

Let’s fill the Twitter timeline with gratitude each day.

Here are a couple of my tweets.


6 thoughts on “How I Use Twitter to Show Gratitude Daily”

  1. This is such a great idea. We all have so much to be thankful about. We often focus on things we want not even realizing that all our needs are met. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless and Happy New Years

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