Review of Simple Knee Brace

Review: Simple Health Knee Brace

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The Simple Health Knee Brace is s self heating knee wrap with magnetic therapy that relievbes knee pain.

According to their discription the Knee Brace is
✔ Designed with rare tourmaline fabric and self-heating material
✔ Brings aging & painful knees much needed relief
✔ Woven with magnetic technology to enhance blood-flow and increase recovery
✔ Provides comfort & extra support for your knees
✔ Soft, Breathable & Comfortable Material

The self-heating knee brace fits comfortably like a 2nd layer of skin. Provides extra support and durability. The rare tourmaline self-heating fabric and magnetic technology will have your knee feeling warm, relaxed and feeling great in 60 minutes or less!
For use with any sport
– Running
– Basketball
– Football
– Volleyball
– Weightlifting
– Crossfit
– Many more!
Brace is easy to use. Simply strap it on, and within 60 Minutes or Less, the tourmaline fabric will activate and your knee will begin to feel warm, relaxed and on the way to fast recovery!

My Thoughts

The brace did not stabilize my knee when walking or climbing stairs, however, it provided good heat therapy after exercising or on those nights when it was storming and my knee was aching. If you are looking for a brace to stabilize your knee this is not it but if you are looking for a wrap that provides heat then you need to get this. You have to wear it for about 30 minutes before you start to feel the heat but once it is warm it feels nice.

1 thought on “Review: Simple Health Knee Brace”

  1. Dorothy Boucher

    This is something I could use, my knees are always giving out, and I really like what these are made of and what they can do for you.

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