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Review – Bounty with Dawn

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Through my participation in BzzAgent, I recently was selected to try the new Bounty with Dawn paper towels for free in exchange for my unbiased review.

Bounty BzzAgent




I come from a long line of Bounty user’s and was very excited when I was picked by BzzAgent to try out the new Bounty with Dawn. This new paper towel is the same strong absorbent “quicker picker upper” that we have all known and love with the awesome cleaning power of Dawn built right in.  Yes, the Dawn is made into the paper towel.  No need for additional cleansers with these paper towels.  You just get them wet and the Dawn is activated.

The Dawn is Inside the Bounty


The first place we tried them out was the kitchen.  We cleaned the stove, the table, and the counters, we even used them to wash the dishes.  They work great!


Cheyenne Dortch Bounty with Dawn                         Review Bounty with Dawn


Next we tried them on the floor.  They were really amazing on the floor.  Be sure and watch our video review all the way to the end for a little surprise money saving tip about the floors.


Beth Dortch Bounty with Dawn



My daughter Beth, summed up my thoughts on these new paper towels.

“they’re good for cleanin’ but you wouldn’t want to make a sandwich on them.”






My thoughts

I love Bounty paper towels and I love Dawn dish liquid, I use them both all the time. I am glad some genius thought up putting them both together in one product. the problem is that even if I buy Bounty with Dawn, I will still have to buy Bounty without Dawn for making sandwiches and other food related uses and I will still have to buy Dawn to wash my dishes, pretreat my laundry and wash my pets in (it keeps the fleas off).  but for the tip at the end of the video, they are so worth it so I will be buying some more of these Bounty with Dawn.  


Here’s a special offer from Target just for you on Bounty with Dawn

There’s a new towel in town

Ultra-durable Bounty meets the cleaning power of Dawn for a new, all-in-one cleaning fave. Get the Target Cartwheel app to save 5% on Bounty with Dawn!


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