Repetitive Numbers and Okra

Repeating Numbers and Dreaming of Okra

For several days, I have been noticing repetitive numbers everywhere. When I check the time it reads 4:44 or 12:12 or 2:22. It is said that when you see repetitive numbers that either an angel or a deceased loved one is sending you a message.  I have also dreamed of my Grandmother or of okra for several nights in a row. I hate okra but my Grandmother loved it. Given these two things, I think my Grandmother is trying to send me a message. Not sure what that message would be, maybe to eat some okra. The other strange thing, my dreams are all set in a house I lived in nearly 15 years ago when my Grandmother crossed over.

5 thoughts on “Repeating Numbers and Dreaming of Okra”

  1. I would hope she’d have a better message than okra. Maybe the okra is a substitute for something else…maybe wine. I had never heard that about consecutive numbers. It’s interesting because they do seem to come in waves.

  2. That is very interesting. My mother gets those types of dreams, and feelings. Me, not so much. Maybe I just tune it out. Heck, I never recall any of my dreams. Did you figure out any meaning to the dreams or message?

  3. those are strange dreams!!! sometimes I go through an era of strange dreams, but then can’t really remember them except that they were strange! I haven’t had the courage to try okra yet, hearing about its mucilaginous qualities has me too spooked. One of these days I’ll probably try it and love it!

  4. (Full disclosure: I was trained to be a Clinical Psychologist, but was never formally taught/trained in dream interpretation.)
    Very interesting….. When I think about my dreams, the really vivid ones especially, I look at them from the perspective as if I were reading a novel– like a classic work of literary fiction. I “read” it for hints of symbolism, metaphor, and other literary devices. I think about how I felt during the dream, and about what it stirred up for me. It sounds like you’ve had some really powerful dreams and experiences! Thank you for sharing these. <3

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