Repeating Numbers and Dreaming of Okra

Repetitive Numbers and Okra


For several days, I have been noticing repetitive numbers everywhere. When I check the time it reads 4:44 or 12:12 or 2:22. It is said that when you see repetitive numbers that either an angel or a deceased loved one is sending you a message.  I have also dreamed of my Grandmother or of okra for several nights in a row. I hate okra but my Grandmother loved it. Given these two things, I think my Grandmother is trying to send me a message. Not sure what that message would be, maybe to eat some okra. The other strange thing, my dreams are all set in a house I lived in nearly 15 years ago when my Grandmother crossed over.

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  1. I would hope she’d have a better message than okra. Maybe the okra is a substitute for something else…maybe wine. I had never heard that about consecutive numbers. It’s interesting because they do seem to come in waves.

    1. Evelyn says:

      I was thinking maybe she was telling me to eat my veggies like when I was little. 🙂

  2. RT says:

    That is very interesting. My mother gets those types of dreams, and feelings. Me, not so much. Maybe I just tune it out. Heck, I never recall any of my dreams. Did you figure out any meaning to the dreams or message?

  3. Rosie says:

    those are strange dreams!!! sometimes I go through an era of strange dreams, but then can’t really remember them except that they were strange! I haven’t had the courage to try okra yet, hearing about its mucilaginous qualities has me too spooked. One of these days I’ll probably try it and love it!

  4. (Full disclosure: I was trained to be a Clinical Psychologist, but was never formally taught/trained in dream interpretation.)
    Very interesting….. When I think about my dreams, the really vivid ones especially, I look at them from the perspective as if I were reading a novel– like a classic work of literary fiction. I “read” it for hints of symbolism, metaphor, and other literary devices. I think about how I felt during the dream, and about what it stirred up for me. It sounds like you’ve had some really powerful dreams and experiences! Thank you for sharing these. <3

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