Pets & The Pandemic- Helpful Advice For Keeping Your Dog Safe

The pandemic season has everyone worried, specifically if there are young children and seniors at home. You will probably be apprehensive about your dog as well, considering that there is news about pets being infected. Surely, you would want to know more about the susceptibility of your furry companion and also about the precautions you need to take. Here are some helpful pieces of advice for keeping your dog safe, healthy, and happy during the pandemic.

Small precautions go a long way                   

While there are some pieces of information afloat about dogs and cats having the virus, the fact is yet to be established. Nothing is known about the virus being carried in the animal fur just like it stays on surfaces. But it is always better to take precautions to keep yourself and your pets safe. The regular habits like practicing hand hygiene after handling your dog and keeping a check on the animal’s health are important. If you become sick, there is a need to restrict contact with the pets just as you would do with the other members of the family.

You need not fret about pets and coronavirus

Although it is natural to be worried about your dog contracting the virus, you need not fret that much. According to the CDS, there is no evidence of animals contracting or spreading the virus. Quarantining them, therefore, is an unnecessary measure. They do not need face masks as well, as you would believe after seeing pictures on social media. Right now, it makes sense to focus on the overall health of the animal rather than losing sleep over the virus.

Ensure that the dog gets good exercise

Even though it is recommended that you should restrict the outdoor time, you need to make sure that your pet dog gets ample exercise. Smart pet parents often Google search Perfect Dog For Me before adopting a breed that matches their lifestyle. If you have done it, you will probably know how much exercise the animal needs every day. The requirement may vary from breed to breed but you must ensure that they get the least they should. When you take the animal out for a walk, follow the social distancing guidelines for yourself and the pet as well.

Stock up enough food and treats

Right now, you also need to be extra careful about the dog’s diet to maintain its health and immunity. Keep enough food and treats at home and feed your pet on time so that they are at their energetic best. If something appears amiss with the health of the animal, consider consulting your vet immediately. They will probably give you a telemedicine appointment or call you over if things seem more serious. Also, keep up with scheduled appointments with a virtual consultation.

As the pandemic gets rampant, it is important to be extra careful about the health of your dog. With the right precaution, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and lots of love, you will surely be able to keep it safe and happy.

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  1. I current don’t have a dog but have been very much thinking of getting another one. And I have been wiondering about this. Thanks for the great information.

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