Children are NOT collateral Damage

Children are NOT Collateral Damage

When did it become accepted that children are collateral damage? When did the powers sit down and say children are expendable? In what back room, boardroom, golf course, country club gathering did everyone agree that it was okay to sacrifice children on the alter of corporate greed?  In what nightmare of insanity did the world …

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Evelyn Dortch beach surf


I am drawn to you like an errant lover I return time and time again seeking solace Finding none and finding everything You call to me from the depths of my soul Fear bubbling up from the deep Sucking me into your undertow Storm waves surge Reaching for me I claw my way up Trying …

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Why I Love Real Books

Why I Love Real Books

[clickToTweet tweet=”Even if it’s just for today put down the devices and hold a real book in your hands. via @glitterattitude” quote=”Even if it’s just for today put down the devices and hold a real book in your hands.” theme=”style3″] I grew up loving books, real books, with their smudged ink on dog-eared pages held …

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Marblehead Lighthouse Ohio

Lighthouses and August

  It was on this day in 1789, that Congress approved an Act for the establishment and support of lighthouse, beacons, buoys and public piers. In Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the signing of the Act and the commissioning of the first Federal lighthouse, Congress passed a resolution which designated August 7, 1989 as …

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Everything August

[contentblock id=1 img=gcb.png] A new month has arrived and with it the end of summer.  August is the last hurrah before we must return to school and the the business of the fall and holiday season.  August starts with Lammas, the celebration of the first harvest and the baking of the first bread of that …

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Undies in the Ice Box

Being Grateful in the Heat

I woke up this morning hot and sweaty.  The air conditioner in my room had stopped working at some point during the night. At first I was irritated and then I walked into the hallway and felt the cool breeze from my other two air conditioners in the house.  At that point, I reminded myself …

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10 of My Favorite WV Pics

10 of My Favorite WV Pics

I love Instagram.  If you’re not following me you really should. I share everything from dogs and cats to crochet and sunsets.  I love taking photos and when my phone is working right I share them on Instagram.  Here are 10 of my favorite pictures of West Virginia I have found on Instagram this month …

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Everything July

Everything July

Did you know there is so much more to July then the 4th?  According to the National Day Calendar, July is recognized as     National Anti-Boredom Month National Baked Bean Month National Cell Phone Courtesy Month National Culinary Arts Month National Grilling Month National Horseradish Month National Hot Dog Month National Ice Cream Month …

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Rise Up

Rise Up

Deep inside I am dark and raging the medication keeps it from bubbling to the surface but it is there waiting to rise up and seek justice

MIndfield An Overheard Conversation

Mindfield An Overheard Conversation

Tucked behind a motel and a barber shop in Brownsville, Tennessee, there is a conversation going on.  It’s a conversation Billy Tripp is having with himself, but the world is welcome to stand witness and listen.