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Oh Yes Girl! 10 Amazing Plus Size Looks I Found on Instagram

I love clothes and I don’t mean clothes that make me look like a frumpy old lady.  I will never understand why most retailers think that all plus size beauties want to dress in tents and flowered bags.  And for the last time, no one wants to wear some elastic waist straight leg mom jeans.  Stop making them!!!!  Another little pet peeve of mine, why in the h*ll would a plus size woman want to shop at a store with “barn” in the name.  We are not cows!  Maybe they have some cute clothes, I wouldn’t know because I refuse to go in the door because of the name. Sorry, not sorry!

Anyway, I am always finding some really cute outfits on Instagram  I wanted to share a few with my readers.


 Remember to always dress for your body shape.

How to Dress for Your Body Type




Monday’s outfit of the day! Top: Peasant Top in Black by Pinup Girl Clothing. Skirt: Flying Elephant Skirt by Sweet Midnight. Petticiat: Jennifer in Yellow by Malco Modes. Brooch: Disney “D” in Pink by Match Accessories. Earrings: Blue Glitter Dangles by Put on the Ritz. Hair Flower: Delightfully Dainty Double Pink by Daisy Jean Floral Designs. Lipstick: Besame Cosmetics Red Velvet. retrostyle vintagestyle pinupstyle curvy pinupmodel plusmodel blogger psblogger plussizeblogger bloggerstyle Michiganblogger Michigan puremichigan redhair pinupgirl effyourbodystandards effyourbeautystandards beautyhasnosize instablogger instafashion whatfatgirlsactuallywear fatshion ootdsocialclub OOTD Disney pinupgirlclothing coutureforeverybody besamegirl daisyjeanfloral model

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