New Year, New You! How To Let Go Of Old Habits And Form New Ones


In previous years, have you tried to break some old habits and been unable to? Well, you’re not alone. For example, according to research conducted in 2012, people who abuse alcohol and drugs struggle to overcome these harmful addictions. However, the new year represents a fresh start and new opportunities, and so; you can have a go at creating new habits with the help of the following tips.


Manage stress and boredom


A lot of bad habits are easier to adopt when you’re stressed or bored and so to break them, you should consider engaging in relaxing activities. You can try hypnosis, meditation, exercise, deep breathing, and other activities that relax you. Also, tasks that keep you occupied and excited, such as reading and gardening, can help. 

Make new friendships to support your change

When it comes to breaking harmful, old habits, people tend to make all the effort privately. This is sometimes because those around them don’t know they are struggling with these habits in the first place, and they would like to let it remain that way. In some other cases, their loved ones may already know but still withhold the fact that they desire to start a journey towards change from them. That way, they do not see the failures, in case we encounter any.

However, it is a great idea to make friendships to support your desire. You could pair up with someone who has a similar habit and a similar mindset towards change to begin your journey with. Hold each other accountable and celebrate your victories together. Such friendships are a great source of motivation.

Avoid all your triggers

Some old habits usually have causes or triggers. And so, it is necessary to be in control of the environment you create, or walk yourself into. For example, to help end snacking issues, try throwing out snacks, and avoid making such purchases. To help break the habit of watching tv, try hiding your remote where it won’t be easily accessible. If you’re an alcoholic, consider staying away from bars and drinking spots that may tempt you. Instead find help for alcohol addiction from qualified professionals such as therapists. 

Keep in mind that you are returning to the old you

Old habits that you aim to break are likely to have begun at some point in your life and have not been in existence right from birth. So, the journey is not geared towards becoming an entirely new person but rather towards returning to who you were before they existed. Regardless of how long ago it may have been, you have lived that life before, so be rest assured that you can do it again.

Avoid talking to yourself in a negative way


On the journey to breaking old habits, you may be tempted to judge yourself when you run into some mistakes. Even though self-assessment is good, make sure not to speak negatively to yourself and put yourself down. Instead, accept your faults and encourage yourself to keep pushing because you can make it. Failure is part of being human but picking yourself up when you fail is what brings success.

Breaking habits takes time and includes effort. Perseverance, however, is the key. Don’t give up, no matter how many times you fail.


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