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Never Lose Sight

I need to get me a little notebook to keep with me all the time to jot stuff down in or maybe there is a program or app.  There’s an app for that! There is something about having a little notebook and actually writing on a page that makes it seem more like a writer more real than just sending texts to yourself.  I am going to get me a little notebook.  A cute little notebook, that is not so small that I can’t see but is small enough to fit in a small purse or my bra, so I can carry it around with me.  I also need to start taking pictures of “characters” and collecting them so that I can have a visual reference for characters plus I love taking pictures.  Oh add photographer to my list of professions.  I am a community organizer, activist, social worker, writer, mother, and photographer oh and a Mimzy.

Got to get these words done so I can eat.  I am so hungry. The food is done now if I can just get these words done I can eat.  Not thrilled about dinner tonight leftover chili trying to be burritos but hey at least we have food.  I am grateful.  There are some people out in the cold tonight with no food and no shelter.  Got to keep it in perspective.  Never lose sight of where you have been or you just might end up back there.  Once I lived in a car pregnant and had to scramble for food. Now I live in a house. It might be in the hood and have some roaches but it’s a house and it has heat and running water and a toilet and a stove and a refrigerator so I am doing great.

OK, I am really hungry and am trying to reach this word count I have like 40 more words to write and my brain is like ‘no I’m hungry I am not going to think’.  That is the problem with being hungry.  If you are hungry that is all you can focus on. Being hungry, trying to find some food, you can’t focus on anything else but trying to find some food.  That is why it is so important for organizers in poor communities to make sure food is served at meetings.  People will come for the food and then once they are fed and not hungry then you can talk about why the system keeps them hungry and what we can do about it.

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