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NaNoWriMo Challenge Accepted

I just found out National Novel Writing Month exists and I have accepted the challenge.  This month will be a practice in self-discipline and writing.  I have to write over 1,600 words per day to reach the goal of 50,000 in a month.  Not sure if I will even get a novel out of this or just become more committed to writing. I have no idea what I am doing so most of this will probably be train of thought with maybe some good stuff showing up.

I had a teacher in college who told me that if you had no clue what to write about just to write and eventually something would come out. The act of writing itself will encourage your brain to think and process and then actually find something to write about. Maybe just writing and not stopping until I reach my target each day will encourage the discipline I need to write. They say that it takes 28 days to develop a habit so in 30 days I should develop the habit of writing and making time to write every day.

This seems like a daunting task but I am up for the challenge. I will have to write when I find the time each day until I reach my goal. I will also have to deal with sore hands because right now my hands are already tired and I don’t even have 500 words written. This is hard but it will be my challenge to myself and I will win it for me. I will write 50,000 in 30 days.

I have been looking at other people who have done this in the past and have read some of their advice. One thing I think I will have to make sure is not to edit. Just write and edit next month. I am really bad about going back and making changes and trying to second guess my choices. I know that in order to reach the goal each day, I cannot waste time on editing. Spelling is also an issue with me as well as the habit I have of transposing certain words like from and form. This is something I will have to just let go in order to develop the habit of writing every day.

Wow 409 words and I am exhausted. My mind is not focusing and all I can concentrate on is crying babies and Beth singing off key.

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