My Punny Valentine Printables From Shari’s Berries

Shari’s Berries has created punny little love notes to use this Valentine’s Day!  

photo via Shari’s Berries


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might be starting to wonder what special thing you can do to show your love. Romantic getaways, fancy jewelry, and expensive dinners are all wonderful gifts, but sometimes small gestures mean just as much as extravagant ones!


On this year’s Day of Love, try surprising your Valentine with something different! These printable love notes are the perfect way to express how you feel. Plus, they’re full of punny humor that will leave your loved ones in fits of laughter!


Send your little ones off to school with a note tucked secretively into their lunchbox or slide one under your S.O.’s morning coffee –– these silly sayings are sure to garner a smile!

photo via Shari’s Berries


Savory Puns

There’s nothing quite like a reminder that you’re loved a ‘waffle’ lot! Use these funny sayings along with your Valentine’s favorite savory bites.


The printable sayings for this category include:

  • “I’m nuts about you”
  • “This might be cheesy, but I love you”
  • “I loaf you so much”


Fruity Puns

Your crush will totally ap-peach-iate these fruity puns! Surprise them with one of these love notes and watch them go bananas!


The printable sayings for this category include:

  • “You’re the apple of my eye”
  • “I love you berry much”
  • “I cherry-ish you”


photo via Shari’s Berries


Sweet Puns

Give a little love note to your sweetie and let them know that you ‘donut’ know what you’d do without them!


The printable sayings for this category include:

  • “We were mint to be together”
  • “Muffin compares to you”
  • “I love you a choco-lot”
  • “I donut know what I’d do without you”


Don’t see a saying that you like here? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Just use one of the blank notes and write your own custom message! You can also check out our list of other silly food puns below! There are over 40 more adorable love notes to choose from.


  1. Pizza: You’ve got a pizza my heart!
  2. PB&J: You are the peanut butter to my jelly!
  3. Hard-boiled egg: You crack me up!
  4. French fries: Time fries when I’m with you!
  5. Spicy snack: You’re so hot!
  6. Chips: I love our relation-chip!
  7. Cereal: I cereal-sly love you!
  8. Cheese stick: Let’s stick together!
  9. Waffles: I love you a waffle lot!
  10. Pasta: The pasta-bilities are endless with you!  
  11. Cheese: I have such a gouda time with you!
  12. Burrito: Want to be my bae-rrito?
  13. Grilled cheese: I feel all warm and gooey inside around you!
  14. BLT: Don’t go bacon my heart!
  15. Melon: You’re one in a melon!
  16. Peach: I ap-peach-iate you!
  17. Grapes: I’m so grapeful for you!
  18. Clementine orange: You’re such a cutie!
  19. Banana: You make me go bananas!
  20. Pear: Don’t you think we make a great pear?
  21. Raisins: There are so many raisins why I love you!
  22. Pineapple: If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple!
  23. Lemon: You’re my main squeeze!
  24. Cherry tomatoes: I love you from my head tomatoes!
  25. Avocado: Let’s avo-cuddle!
  26. Pickle: You’re kind of a big dill!
  27. Mushroom: I’m a fun-gi, so date me!
  28. Coffee: I have bean thinking of you!
  29. Hot chocolate: You melt my heart!
  30. Tea: You’re positi-tea-vely wonderful!
  31. Latte: I love you a latte!
  32. Muffin: Muffin compares to you!
  33. Pie: I have fillings for you!
  34. Taffy: Won’t chew be mine?
  35. Ice cream: I’ll stop the world and melt with you!
  36. Cupcake: You bake me crazy!
  37. Gummy bears: I’m beary happy to know you!
  38. Donut holes: I love you a hole bunch!
  39. Pudding: Thanks for pudding up with me!
  40. S’mores: I love you s’more every day!
  41. Sandwich cookie: You fill me with joy!

Don’t forget to hop over to the Berries blog to download these fun love notes!


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