Mobile Showers, Not Just for Camping

Mobile showers are great because they can be set up anywhere, which is one of the many advantages of these portable facilities. There are countless uses for mobile showers, including homeless shelters, construction sites, music festivals, and even in the military. They also provide hygiene services to people who need them. This article will give some of the different purposes of mobile showers and how you can utilize them. You will be surprised at just how many places you can find mobile shower units and facilities.

Accessibility Anywhere

If you like camping, portable showers are an excellent option for you. If you camp in the wild, you may not always have access to a shower, so you can set up a portable shower to use while you’re away from civilization. It’s also a great way to stay clean if traveling in a trailer or tent. Portable showers also allow you to recycle water and run on continuous fresh water.

When purchasing a portable shower, make sure it’s durable, plastic or metal. Metal showers are more durable if you plan to set them up on the road. For weekend camping trips an inexpensive solar shower is the best bet but if you are enjoying the van life, you may want to invest in a propane water heater and shower pump

For Multiple Purposes

A mobile shower has many purposes. It can serve as a mobile health clinic or a place to provide clean water to the homeless. For example, a two-year-old nonprofit in Plano offers showers to the homeless on Fridays. Then, for the rest of the week, it travels to soup kitchens in Denton and two other cities in North Texas. This is just one example of the many services provided by Lava Mae, a mobile hygiene service that transforms old city buses into portable showers.

A mobile shower has multiple uses. Many nonprofits are finding them invaluable. These vans travel to areas with a high homeless population, providing clean water, shampoo, soap, a towel, and a change of clothing. The mobile showers also serve as an ADA bathroom for those with physical disabilities. In addition, the portable showers are easy to operate for carers because they have built-in controls.

For the Homeless

Mobile showers for the homeless can help reduce the number of health problems among the homeless and can help build trust and relationships. Orange Sky Laundry in Australia has set up 21 mobile shower vans, each managing 15 to 20 loads of washing and showers. While there are over 116,000 homeless people in Australia, it is estimated that at least 1,000 people live on the streets in Auckland, New Zealand. Without clean showers, the homeless are at a higher risk for infection, and these shower vans offer a welcome respite from the cold and harsh daily conditions.

Lava Mae started in San Francisco and now provides showers to the homeless through mobile showers. The company has helped create more than 160 similar programs in 190 communities around the world and has already provided over 78,000 showers for the homeless. In addition, guests of the mobile showers get to keep their toiletries and personal items for the next time they use the facilities. The San Francisco mobile showers are also available to the general public for free.

For Construction

Whether you work on a construction site or another setting where workers are exposed to harsh chemicals, providing mobile showers is an intelligent idea. Workers will appreciate the convenience of being able to take a quick shower after a hard day’s work. Additionally, they won’t have to walk to a public restroom to do so, leading to faster project completion. A mobile shower will help you maintain a clean, healthy work environment for your employees and help them be more productive.

Construction sites require a lot of space, which makes it difficult to accommodate a permanent bathroom. In such cases, a mobile shower will be an easy solution. Whether you are in the middle of a large construction project or planning a small renovation, a mobile shower will help you meet the need for clean restrooms and ensure that your employees can work in a sanitary environment.

For the Elderly

Mobile showers are portable, ADA-compliant family suites designed for the disabled. These mobile showers are large enough to accommodate a wheelchair and can be used with a shower chair or portable lift, They are easy to clean and can prevent the spread of dangerous infections. They also work as portable showers for the elderly and small children who need a quick and clean shower.


Mobile showers are convenient and practical for situations with no power or running water, including emergencies. Whether the trouble is a flooded house or a power outage, a mobile shower can significantly help.Not only can mobile showers keep you clean on your next camping trip or at a music festival, but using mobile showers can greatly reduce the spread of infection during a pandemic or a natural disaster. 

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