Makeup Tips to Enhance Rather Than Age

Makeup can do one of two things; if properly applied, it can bring out and highlight natural beauty, give a youthful glow, and hide those pesky imperfections. When misused, it can have the opposite effect of deadening any possible brightness it can make the skin appear even older, and it can give the skin a dull, dry appearance that can also be harmful in the long run.


Less is more

Less is more when it comes to makeup as we age; in fact, starting this way leaves much more room to expose naturally healthy and glowing skin that is allowed to breathe. As we age, one mistake women often make, is to apply even more makeup than when we were younger. Too much makeup can clog pores and trap in harmful chemicals from the foundation. This will ultimately cause you to age quicker.  As older women, we need to work sparingly with foundation. It should only be used to create an even skin tone with which to work when applying the rest of your makeup.




Avoid the thick eyeliner

Avoid thick, dark eyeliners, and they serve only to make your eyes look smaller. Use an earbud to smooth just enough liner along the top lash to open up your eyes, focusing on softening the outer corners a bit with an earbud for a smudged look.


Lighter shades

Stick to lighter shades of glossy lipstick that will give your lips a fuller look, heavy matte lipstick will give much more definition to the fine lines on your lips, giving it a wrinkled older appearance. Moreover, if you’re over 50, natural shades like light brown, nude and taupe, will serve you better. When we are young, it is easy to get away with darker, denser colors, but as we age, neutral is the way to go.


No more powder

If you are over the age of 50, unfortunately powdering your face for a quick touch up is a thing of the past. However, we can say that your makeup will look much better without it. A slightly pressed powder under your eyes to set your concealer or to eliminate shine is A-Okay; however, when it comes to your entire face, you need to give this one a skip. The powder makes the skin appear dehydrated, dull, dry and worst of all; it sits on the fine facial hair we get as we age. This makes fine lines and wrinkles much more evident.


Line those lips

As we age, our lips start appearing thinner, and the lines around our mouths become more noticeable. The best way to give your lips some more definition is with lip liner. Invest in a light red lip liner to apply to the outline of your lips before coloring it in with lipstick. Lip liner usually does not easily come off or smudge. This makes it a worry-free makeup tip for fuller lips.


As we age, it is super important to take good care of our skin. You already know the basics; drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun and don’t go to bed with makeup still on. But now you know that your makeup and how you apply it is just as crucial when trying to maintain youthful-looking skin.



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5 thoughts on “Makeup Tips to Enhance Rather Than Age”

  1. It’s important to remember that as you age, makeup is more about celebrating your beauty than hiding your perceived “flaws.” Other than a good water intake, the best way to prime the skin is through a solid skincare regimen — and sunscreen. So-called “beauty rules” have no place your routine, no matter what your age.

  2. Thank you these are great tips. I’m working hard now on the fine lines and wrinkles I’ll be 50 soon. I need all the help I can get

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