Looking After Yourself At Home This Winter


As we get older and our children begin to leave the nest and start their own families, it is important for us to turn our attention back to ourselves and look after ourselves. 


Our health and well-being are both things that can be taken for granted back when we have kids in the house, and this can be a problem for us later in life. If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that we need to look after the important things in life and that includes ourselves. 


This autumn as you prepare for a quote winter in the house, consider taking some steps to better look after your health and well-being. 



Gather a first aid kit 


Everyone must have a first aid kit in their home. This is an incredibly important thing and will ensure that if things go wrong, we have the ability to clean ourselves up and prevent further injury. Every first aid kit should have: 


  • Bandages 
  • Plasters 
  • wound cleanser
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Alcohol wipes 
  • Cooling pads 

Get enough sleep 


Sleep is one of the most important processes of the body, and too many of us take it for granted. It is important for us to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night – allowing our body to rest and recover, tissue to heal, and for toxins to be flushed out of the body. Do yourself a favor and start going to bed just a little bit earlier and you’ll soon see a difference in your health. 


Keep things clean 


Your house should always be kept clean and hygienic. It will not only keep the house looking better, but it will also ensure that mold cannot grow and multiply or other issues can occur. Set aside a few hours a week to completely clean your home from top to bottom. It will make a huge difference to your living environment but will also keep you healthy. 

Hide cables 


Thick cables look ugly, but they are also dangerous. If you have a lot of electronic devices in your living room and a lot of black cables running along the floor, now is the time to get rid of them and hide them. You can use a cable organiser or even seal the cables into the wall, and they will no longer pose a hazard for your health and instead will be out of the way. 

Eat healthily 


Eating a balanced and healthy diet is incredibly important for all of us. Be sure to fill your meals with a lot of fruit and vegetables and eat plenty of protein. Now that you don’t have kids to cook for, you might be able to be a bit more adventurous with your food choices and try some more exciting recipes. Have a try and have fun with the process of cooking for yourself. 


Watch your stress 


Stress is hopefully on the decline now that the kids have flown the nest, but now and again you should still have a self-care day. Cancel all of your plans now and again and spend a day just looking after yourself. Have a face mask, paint your nails, enjoy your favorite hobby, and relax. Stress can lead to a multitude of health issues so it is important to avoid it as much as we can! 

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